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Remote Bookkeeping, Payroll and Business Tax Returns Firm – Monthly Contracts – Ready for Scale


This opportunity is a financial management company that specializes in remote bookkeeping, payroll, and business tax returns. Offering 4 distinct administrative packages, this promising financial firm ensures compliant, convenient and effective financial services. Leveraging a hassle-free finance tracking framework, this opportunity partners with small businesses from across the country to help them scale while running smoothly. Conducting their own organization just as dynamically, this business is primed to scale rapidly. As they hold a client retention rate of about 90%, any effective outreach and marketing initiative should skyrocket profit and business.

Another powerful way to expand this opportunity would be to begin providing more services such as budget consulting and profit analysis. As businesses increasingly move online, remote financial management becomes a more and more lucrative investment, this offering brings a buyer like you into a growing industry at the perfect point to scale and profit dramatically.

Operating on a strong brand of happy, helpful and capable financial services, this opportunity is well positioned to create compelling marketing initiatives while extending services into a more advisory role. With infinite potential and a strong foundation like this one, a capable buyer like you will be effectively poised for real success within the financial sector. Currently, this business offers an incredible suite of business services that draws in small businesses that may not be financially savvy or simply unequipped to handle their own accounting. By providing this much-needed service in a modern, digital format this opportunity allows for incredible scalability and industry potential. The current financial services offered, include:

 –  Bookkeeping

 – Catch-Up Accounting

 – Consulting

 – Training

 – Payroll

 – Invoicing & Receivables

 – Bill Pay

 – Taxes

This company’s current owners are looking for a buyer that can skillfully converse on in-depth financial topics. They should have a solid understanding of basic accounting to effectively manage output, oversee operations, scale the business and make informed staffing decisions. The programs used most by current owners are Zapier and Excel, so a familiarity with these platforms is also suggested, though not entirely necessary to the business as a whole.  In addition to the 2 current co-owners, this opportunity employs 1 full-time bookkeeper as well as 2 part time client managers. The workload at present requires each owner to spend about 20 hours a week, 40 in total, on this business. Much of their responsibilities are made up of administrative tasks and quality control. Specifically, the owners streamline workflow, manage task delegation, enter task automations, handle new client onboarding, and perform month-end financial reviews.

At the moment, this company leverages Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and ReviewShake in order to generate leads. Moving forward, posting more to social media, crafting informative blog posts and expanding marketing efforts will help to deliver incredible growth, including a well thought out Google Ads campaign.

So far, this brand has grown solely on organic website traffic and minimal social media presence. This makes the opportunity for extended branding and outreach unending. In the future, targeted advertisements on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook could be extremely useful for increasing market share as well as brand understanding. More opportunities lie in expanded services. Offering services in financial management, scaling preparation and more would not only create valuable extensions for current clients, but also widen the net for interested audiences.

This company is an amazing opportunity for scaling within the financial space. With proven client satisfaction and network growth, this well-established, outsourced bookkeeping company offers a promising foundation for any capable buyer. As the virtual economy develops, remote business will require more and more financial services. This means that this offering will soon be an invaluable asset within the eCommerce marketplace, especially for a new owner who is willing to put in the work to scale while maintaining the current high standards that this company is known for.

This Bookkeeping Practice Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2070

Asking Price
$ 350,000
Cash Flow
$ 91,073
Gross Income
$ 143,308
Year Established