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Replacement Bracelets for Smartwatches Brand – All In-House & Proprietary Designs – Etsy & Shopify eCommerce Sales Channels – 80% Profit Margins


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce Brand that provides various accessories to Smartwatch owners. They design, handmake and sell replacement bracelets for Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Watch and Garmin Watch – all bracelets are proprietary – in fact – they own some of the equipment necessary to make them to ensure that they cannot be replicated.

The business was originally started up by a husband and wife team in 2018. They started with an Etsy storefront and grew from there.

has amassed so much success in just a few years based on its unique products, business sense, and lovely, distinctive jewelry pieces that make wearers look and feel fantastic. The new owner will enjoy more success since this offering has plenty of growth opportunities. An incredible KPI to mark is very little seasonality to their sales. Their products sell all year round, and sales peak during the holiday season, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving. This business offers a wide selection of popular SKUs designed for modern watches, which are increasingly taking over the traditional market share. These jewelry pieces are crafted with beautiful leather from the USA and high-quality metals and parts. The designs are exquisite – just ask the customers praising the brand with 5 Star reviews! Not to mention, all of the jewelry and products are designed by the company and produced exclusively for them with their trademark.

The Rose Gold & Brown Leather Apple Watch Band, for example, is made of exquisite brown grain genuine leather, with an adjustable bracelet size perfectly tailored for any wrist size. Unique styles, unique messages, and unique connections are all found in the catalog of products this brand constantly updates.

The new owner has a golden opportunity within this niche space. There is a large market of smartwatch wearers who love and appreciate personal style but haven’t before managed to combine the two. Many reviews from happy customers express this sentiment and the harmonious marriage of style and substance. What sets this business apart is its products’ depth, reflecting power for the wearer. Consumers, young and older, are seeking jewelry that empowers their souls. This business has products that do just that! It provides quality products with a quality touch.

Packing for each item adds a delightful touch to the customer experience. The products are delivered in mailer boxes with the company name on top, and the jewelry is placed inside cotton pouches. The typical customer is a woman between the ages of 24 and 65. However, many male customers are turning traditional gender statistics on their heads, and pursuing male-oriented products will certainly show lucrative results.

This company’s operation is so simple and easy to learn. Processes are streamlined to be effective and manageable. The company’s supplier is reliable, and almost everything is done in-house, with each order packed and ready for delivery in around five minutes. This brand has two employees: one customer service agent and another crafting the products. The owner primarily focuses on new designs, researching new models, making new listings, creating sales, and fulfilling orders.

The website is immaculate and full of well-shot product photos. Built on Shopify, the website is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. The images clearly show the designs, and the theme of style and individuality is prominent. Also, the company strategically attracts visitors through PPC advertising and its first-rate organic traffic, which accounts for 70% of sales. In addition, the brand runs onsite marketing on Etsy and, during peak season, advertises on Instagram and Facebook.

Given the brand’s success in the USA, international expansion is a highly prosperous prospect.

The owners should immediately look at expanding their sales channels to Amazon and can quickly sell locally and worldwide. As successful as the business is, they have not yet tapped into the industry’s colossal influencer marketing opportunities or focused much on SEO. Both options have shown a great return on investment with focused campaigns and work wonderfully in such a niche market. Many brands in this niche have built themselves entirely through social media and influencer relationships where they can reach millions of their target demographic and introduce them to the brand and products.

The website gets strong organic traffic and sees 100,000+ unique visitors each month! So many consumers in the market love to follow up on what the company is offering. The interaction between the consumers and the business is stellar, and the content produced is fresh, vibrant, and engaging. The Instagram page features review stories, customer highlights, new products, promoted collections, and FAQs that followers can read.

This business has the numbers, the financial momentum, the customer base, and the several stand-out values that consumers worldwide can gravitate toward. This is a moneymaking machine with heart and passion. The new owner will enjoy tremendous success with this multi-million-dollar opportunity! Call Website Closers and find out how you can buy this attractive company.

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Asking Price
$ 449,000
Cash Flow
$ 135,295
Gross Income
$ 574,417
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