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SBA Pre-Approved SaaS Business that offers Trading Tools for FIFA Soccer Video Game eSport Fans – 100% Subscription Model – 88% Margins – 36,000 Monthly Visitors to Website


Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Approved, eSports focused SaaS business that provides eSports fans with the most complete FIFA Ultimate Team trading tool over a subscription-based service offering. Over the past 8 years, this platform has been a thriving trading center for fans of the FIFA Ultimate Team Soccer video game. This brand has developed a proven reputation as the best Trading Tool for this game anywhere in the world.

The software provides automatic Trading Tools that can be programmed within a few seconds to do all the trading for the user so that the users can generate coins on autopilot. This allows the system to be particularly easy to use. With top-of-the line software, this platform offers users superhuman trading. This speed, and the number of coins the software can generate is what keeps consumers coming back.

Operating within the enormously popular esports video game, FIFA Soccer, with a 25 million people fan base, this soccer simulation video game is part of the FIFA series and is an interesting product for any FIFA Ultimate Team player as it helps its users make coins, the in-game currency used to improve the player’s teams by buying the best players in the game

Started in 2012 as an eBook on best trading practices in the FIFA Ultimate Team market, this company quickly found a highly profitable untapped market. When the eBook took off and sales turned out to be stronger than the owners had anticipated, they created this software to drive repeated, consistent sales from the fan base.

The software allows users to automate their trading on the FIFA Web App of the video game series. Meanwhile, the module allows players to buy or bid automatically to increase in-game coins. The company later launched an Add-on module of the application that offers fully automated trading through an artificial intelligence trading bot, which searches, buys, and sells players for the user. The software lets users automate their trading on FIFA by automatically bidding and buying player cards on the market, then putting them up for sale to secure coins, the in-game currency. The software works on both PCs and Macs.

The users are also given access to a membership site with instructions on how to run the program, trading strategies, and helpful trading tips.

Sales are generated either from the main subscription to the site, which now makes up 68% of total revenue, or through a subscription to the A.I. Bot, which generating the balance of sales. A majority of their customers have found both options appealing, with 61% of users using both the subscription and the bot options. While their subscriptions are $22.90 per month and the bot is $11.90, the average user is paying around $34 a month for their contract.

There are more than enough FIFA players to keep revenues steady. Their customer base tends to be men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are gamers that love football/soccer with an above average intelligence and an understanding of how coin trading works. Their customers are divided between both the United States and Europe. Since new FIFA games come out every year in October, this company’s revenues are strongest between October and December right after the yearly launch. While a portion of their customers cancel the service at some point throughout the year when they’ve made enough coins to feel they have been successful, the vast majority come back in October when the new FIFA Version is released.

While the company mainly sells monthly subscriptions, they do have two upsells that include a $39 yearly subscription that provides additional licenses to run multiple instances of the software from the same computer, along with a $249 lifetime subscription of the software. These upsells have been rising in popularity to become a significant part of their overall revenue.

To promote their website and services, the company has relied on a global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace. Those affiliates have been the company’s top source for lead generation. This strategy delivers tremendous traffic as the website is averaging more than 36,000 visits each month.

Additionally, this business carries an enormous email database of 19,900+ customer emails, 3,300+ affiliates emails, and 140,000+ qualified leads. This database is regularly used for email marketing communications with their customers and affiliates whenever a new FIFA game is being launched. However, it could be further leveraged in year-round sales campaigns to successfully boost sales.

The company has an educational and informative blog on their website that outlines their services, how their subscriptions and the A.I. robot work, and tips on the game itself.

This company has some unique marketing tactics that could be used in the future to build out their customer base. FIFA Ultimate Team has a huge presence on social media, including entire YouTube channels dedicated to the game and its millions of subscribers, and this company could seek out partnerships or sponsoring opportunities that could include sponsored videos promoting their trading platform.

There are a lot of websites devoted to all things FIFA which get millions of views each month, and this company could start running PPC ads on these sites to connect with their viewers. More promising paths to expansion would be launching new email marketing campaigns, starting an SEO program to boost their ranking in search engines, and starting a more vigorous social media marketing campaign to expand their customer base. Creating another trading module may also bolster sales.

For a buyer, it would be helpful to learn the basics of the FIFA Ultimate Team Market, but it’s important to note that this is a fully automated system that doesn’t require a major workload.

The current owner now spends 2-3 hours per week running the business between October and December, but just an hour each week during the rest of the year. They have one part-time customer service agent who handles customer emails and can be used for other tasks.

This is a very promising opportunity for a buyer because the FIFA market is literally made up of over 25 million players. This platform has been able to attract quite a few of these users, but clearly has the potential to expand and draw in far more.

With new FIFA games getting released every October and constant excitement building up to that date, there are huge opportunities to use new marketing techniques that can bring innumerable new users to reliably increase YOY profits exponentially.

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