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The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is in the Business Communication sector providing a sticky G-Suite integrated web conferencing service offering a user-friendly platform with which to rapidly create and implement everything from a simple conference call to a fully featured webinar, complete with branded sign-up pages, cloud storage, security, calendar integration, and a massively competitive price point.

Boasting an outstanding 80% repeat customer rate with 600,000 registered users, this exceptionally well-situated SaaS company is poised to dominate its niche thanks to an extremely competitive offering and platform.

This is a highly automated business by nature, realizing generous net margins thanks to a consistently growing user base and reliable growth rate, month over month and year over year. This potent performer in the space has laid its foundation smartly, with a highly valuable and exclusive Google partnership allowing API access to the entirety of Google’s prolific G-Suite and all the apps within. Business also utilizes the latest in WebRTC technology and does not depend on Google for delivering video/web conferencing.

Asking very little of ownership and a very low ad spend at its current run rate, this is a user-friendly solution to business communications that is 100% cloud-based (no overhead), and almost entirely self-serve on the client-side. These products on offer are utilized by customers ranging from the individual user all the way across the small business spectrum, on up to enterprise consumers in the Fortune 500 world – no demographic is left untouched. Special skills or prior knowledge is not needed to take the wheel here – ownership is willing to provide training as well as has additional resources remaining available for product training and customer support during transition.

With 76% of the world’s businesses and corporations utilizing some form of video conferencing for the bulk of all digital communication and operation needs around the globe, this business occupies a space that not only continues to see demand increase but also sees stable revenue growth in the B2B world. Growth potential here is positively outstanding, offering new ownership a multitude of avenues to choose from – simply moving the needle on paid advertising alone and implementing a social presence with an active outbound sales force would turn this power play into a dominating force to reckon with, thanks to a well-recognized name and a superb and broad existing registered user base and fluid delivery model.

This SaaS Company Represented by:
Technology & Software Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 275,000
Cash Flow
$ 92,853
Gross Income
$ 182,699
Year Established

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