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Saas Platform that Provides Customer Data Management to Fortune 500 & SMB Clients – Strong IP Included


Website Closers® presents a highly sophisticated Technology SaaS Company with 7 years of established service helping companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to Innovative Startups, with Customer Data Management. The company has built a highly proprietary Customer Intelligence Platform, which it combines with World Class Consulting Services, to provide its clients with high quality data to diagnose trends in customer behavior, directly enhancing a client’s bottom line.

This company builds a quantitative strategy for its clients to better address the needs of current customers while targeting the most cost-effective leads with a purpose-driven approach.

A highly respected technology consulting firm, this company has proven for many years now that it can provide an ROI upwards of 1000% for clients. With the support of highly acclaimed academics in the rapidly growing field, this company has also developed a reputation for thought leadership, producing popular podcasts on predictive customer-centric data.

Positioned for meteoric growth with the right partners, this company leverages podcasts, blogging, traditional networking, and social media to derive organic growth. Carrying a High Customer Retention Rate, Industry Awards and Rave Reviews, the business profile has limitless opportunity to scale by leveraging its specialized SaaS offering.

The company has built a unique customer-centric consulting firm that has developed a SaaS package and a highly proprietary system to help clients link customer data directly to company performance. Significantly transforming customer relationships in the D2C world and unlocking the keys to their highest revenue potential, this platform uses a client’s customer data to drive strategies to create a healthy business. This company takes their clients to a whole new level of profitability through restructuring disorganized data and empowering clients to learn from their customers. This firm was founded as advanced analytics business that uses predictive customer data methodologies to benefit its clients. Leveraging their innovative software platform, this company unites customer data for analysis based on the concept that a client’s true value lies in what they can do for their clients.

With 7 years of consistent performance and success under their belt, this company stands on a proven platform of innovative services, an unimpeachable reputation, and loyal customers. Their clients recognize that data is integral to lasting business growth, but effectively analyzing it and using it to its fullest potential can be incredibly challenging. This company does the work for them and their results speak for themselves.

Delivering a host of benefits such as shedding new light on the best locations for physical stores, calculating the most profitable product expansions, and defining a customer equity trendline, this company has the ability to divide the customer base into segments for improved marketing tactics. This visionary firm has built its customer base by leveraging real data and industry know-how to drive both short-term and long-term growth. This lucrative framework has earned them 3 years of contract extensions on average, despite only being in the market for 7 years. This shows how sticky the SaaS Model is for this business, representing a higher Lifetime Customer Value.

A thought leader in the rapidly emerging field of customer-centric analytics, this company has developed high profile podcasts that draw thousands of listeners, along with SEO-building blogs on learning tips and advice.

The company’s history of thriving, long-term, multi-year consulting, shows their promising longevity and boundless growth opportunities in a vastly applicable field. With potential clients in all corners of the business world, this brand could scale through service line extension, the development of social media marketing, and partnering with an affiliate marketing network. This business has been structured to support rapid scaling of their existing services with minimal costs.

The company’s revenues are generated through their three Hybrid Technology/Consulting plans. These customer-centric growth strategies include the Essential, billed at $5,000 per month; the Advanced, billed at $13,000 a month; and the Enterprise, billed at $18,000 a month. With customer retention averaging a rate of 4+ years, the average customer value is $120,000. This brand works with large B2B companies that need help creating a stronger point of view for their use of digital and customer data, as well as with smaller, D2C companies eager to rise to the next level.

The company also provides a scaled down version of their expert consulting services that includes strategic roadmaps to help move companies up the customer-centric maturity curve so that they can accelerate their financial journey and move up into the company’s stronger services.

This highly profitable consulting firm is recognized as a leader in the field of customer-centric applications and has been featured in respected publications ranging from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review to The Portland Business Journal, and the C-Suite Network.  They are also widely recognized for their industry leading podcasts, which have conducted more than 120 interviews, 1,700+ downloads monthly, and have received a myriad of 5-star reviews. In addition to these podcasts, the brand participates in many speaking engagements to promote the business.

While this company has experienced tremendous success with their platform, there are still enormous opportunities to scale. One option would be to leverage the company’s strong insights into a portfolio of D2C companies that could be used as a model for others. By further expanding the service offerings and building additional modules to its software, some of which are currently in development, the company could grow tremendously. There is also the potential for company to build out its B2B marketing reach to attract more clients, through retargeting, paid and organic social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and Placements on thought leadership forums.

The owner now spends about 50 hours per week crafting thought leadership and supervising the sales, finances, marketing, and client delivery efforts. Each one of the company’s departments has a point person that the owner supervises. This includes one full-time employee who handles client operations, one part-time employee who serves as the IT director, and 8 part-time contractors whose tasks cover coding, finance, marketing, analytics, and administrative work.

Due to the complex nature of this business, which is dependent on its platform methodology, the owner is willing to stay onboard either in a minority equity position or as a consultant through the transition in order to ensure that the incoming buyer will be set up for success.  Many training sessions are already available on the company’s intranet as well.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of a highly specialized business with few direct competitors. Acquiring this highly lucrative brand gives the new owner a steady base of clients, established industry connections, and exclusive methodologies and technologies. Starting off as a leader in the field of data analysis, this company has grown effectively by helping other businesses reach their goals rapidly and effectively. On a track to tremendous scaling themselves, this powerful framework carries incomparable flexibility and promise.

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