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This is a Premium Exact Match Domain in a Luxury Goods Category that has been in operation since 1998. The company continues to generate sales of just under $500,000 in the last twelve months. The primary value proposition inherent in this business is not the revenue or the earnings – but the power of the domain – according to estiBOT, a domain appraisal and investment tool, the domain itself is valued at $562,000. ‘Saunas’ as a keyword receives over 1,500,000 searches per month on Google. Exact Searches on Google for [Saunas] is 12,100 per month. SERP TERM searches are 41,800,000.

Not only is the domain highly valuable by itself, but there is also a going concern business operating on the domain through specific vendors that have been in place for two decades. The Custom Saunas business is highly niche with an extremely small, tight-knit group of vendors in this space. Those vendors do not generally allow new entrants into this space, making just those relationships alone highly valuable, especially if a buyer wanted to take the brand already created by this business (HANKO®) and expand the offerings into the more competitive world of Infrared Saunas and/or a a branded set of heaters, sauna accessories and more.

The business has largely been ignored over the past several years as ownership focuses on other business interests, so there is a significant opportunity for a business already in the vertical to take this domain and bolt it on to their current operations. Or, a newcomer, looking to get into the Saunas and/or Luxury Goods Space, could also use this as a platform and scale.

Scale for this business is enormous. For instance, because the domain is easy to remember and clearly recognizable as “luxury” in the eyes of consumers, adjacent verticals could be used for scale, including products sold in high end Gyms, Fitness Centers, Saunas, Spas and Salons. Professional equipment for Nail and Hair Salons, Massage Therapists and any other luxury item found near a Sauna could be added, especially if a sales team is charged with the task of bringing on new clients via a wholesale program. No effort from a sales standpoint has been instituted at all, but a highly seasoned salesperson could call on gyms, resorts, hotels, military installations, custom home builders and anyplace else a home or commercial sauna or steam room might be an installation opportunity.

This is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a growing retail market with highly consistent growth and robust infrastructure immediately at hand.

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Asking Price
$ 225,000
Cash Flow
$ 56,421
Gross Income
$ 497,813
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