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SBA Approved – Marketing Agency & Lead Generator for Children’s Activity Centers – Monthly, Sticky Recurring Revenue – $9,960+ LTV – 70% of Leads are Converted from Demos


Website Closers® presents an opportunity to acquire an industry leading Digital Agency that provides marketing and lead generation services to Children’s Activity Centers around the nation. As the need for childcare grows in this country, an agency like this one can provide their B2B Clients (the Activity Centers) with a flow of leads for new children. With a team that turns these leads into enrollment numbers, the company has a reputation for converting 70% of all demo leads. Their clients (the Activity Centers) sign up on a monthly basis, and 98% continue as customers for the long term, giving this brand a $9,960+ Customer Lifetime Value. That number is projected to rise to $15,000+ this year. Their marketing is unique in that it uses cartoons rather than photos or videos to entice parents, and today they have a contact list of 100,000+ moms for outreach.

The company offers a very specialized service, and their guaranteed results have enabled client referrals to drive sales. Their recurring monthly revenue is an attractive value proposition for the company – especially given how sticky the platform is for their Activity Center Clients. This agency helps their clients boost and maintain student population number and enrollment levels.

Their target audience has been mothers with kids ages 3-10 who are looking for a local center for their children to join. Their clients operate child-oriented spaces offering diverse activities that include dance, swimming, martial arts and more. After school program providers are in high demand, with industry revenue reaching $23 billion in 2021, as more working parents look for organized youth programs taking place outside of the traditional school day. These centers are considered a safe and healthy environment from the parents’ perspective, which is why more and more centers are opening and the competition between them gets more intense.

This company recognized that trend and has focused on becoming the No. 1 top student generation agency for kids’ activity centers, giving them proven tools for finding students. With their marketing techniques specifically geared toward boosting enrollment, a rising number of kids centers have relied on this brand to get them more students. This company has a low 2% churn rate because clients get the results they most certainly need.

The company offers a unique marketing service. Having a very specific niche industry to target gave this company the ability to direct their marketing to centers focused on activities for children, and to convert those centers into clients. That quickly enabled the brand to post success stories on its website, featuring satisfied clients who could report that their enrollment numbers shot up after they signed on to the company’s marketing techniques.

The company bills between $1,220 and $1,500 per month, and since clients stay on long-term, their average Customer Lifetime Value is $9,960+ today … and is projected to increase to $15,000+ over the next 6-10 months as more clients sign on.

70% of all generated leads get converted. The company offers seven different packages to their clients, with services that include brand awareness that delivers the center’s mission to local parents, turning that awareness into action through lead generation tools, and having a dedicated communication center that reaches out to the leads that get generated who then directly books families into the client’s programs. In fact, the company has marketed itself as a specialized student generation service more than one focused solely on lead generation. The impact of their scheduling team reps has made a huge difference for the interested families, since they have a track record of closing 70% of all leads from demos.

The client is given a trial week of services with the guarantee that they will get at least 3 new people scheduled for their classes. Clients then sign up for a month-to-month service with a minimal level of performance guaranteed each month.

Their team reps are also unique, since most marketing agencies focus on lead generation but not on turning their leads into new customers, leaving that to the client. In effect, this company has a reputation for having students walk through the door, a key reason why they maintain such highly enthusiastic reviews from existing clients.

Another unique approach has been creating cartoons as means of getting the parents’ attention – and their kids as well. That marketing approach has enabled the company to posts ads that can be marketed nationwide with similar results.

Their marketing is effective in capturing leads. Since parents are on social media, the company has efficiently used PPC ads on their Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as Google. Rather than the more traditional trends of using videos and photography, their cartoon ads enable them to create a narrative that speaks directly to parents and what they’re looking for.

Another key tool has been podcasts on their website and YouTube channel to talk about their success in helping clients, and not surprisingly client referrals have helped drive sales as well. The company has built up a list of 100,000 moms who have provided their contact information, which can be used to promote new services in the future. There are other digital marketing tools this brand could employ to attract more families for their clients, including using video marketing on TikTok, attending conferences and trade shows within the industry, and developing a new webinar specifically directed toward kid activity centers.

The business is very turnkey and smoothly run. This business runs smoothly with limited input from the current ownership, who now spends just 10-15 a week on operations that include oversight and billing management.

The company has an experienced team that includes two salespeople, four schedulers, a scheduling team manager, a client success manager and a technical assistant to build campaigns and monitor lead flow for each client. This team is crucial to the brand’s ongoing success and growth.

Operating as a leader in a highly in-demand niche space gives this company an impressive track record of success and solid growth potential. To educate yourself more thoroughly on this company’s achievements, contact Website Closers today.

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