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SBA Pre-Approved Amazon Sellers Mastermind – Membership Base Drives Recurring Revenue – 6 Years in Business – 60% Net Margins


Website Closers® presents an Amazon Mastermind Group with a focus on training, coaching, and assisting those that are looking to either get into the Amazon ecosystem or (for those currently operating on Amazon), looking to find ways to network with others to improve their performance on the platform. A Mastermind Group is made up of a community of like-minded individuals where everybody in a particular field learns from each other and the owner of the group helps to facilitate discussion, thought leadership, and network development. The Amazon community – while vast and growing – still remains a tight-knit group of brand owners, all of which enjoy taking time out of their busy work schedules to attend these networking events to improve themselves.

The company has created a thriving paid membership community, offering wide-ranging services that include coaching, business expansion assistance, and courses that include live and recorded content.

With more than 6.3 million sellers registered on Amazon today, the company has a massive audience, and one of their strengths has been hosting private Facebook Groups where members can join and learn from one another. With monthly and
annual plans available, they have offerings that continue to attract newcomers.

The company now enjoys 60% net margins and a rising $1,773 Lifetime Customer Value, putting them in a solid position to scale quickly, particularly by expanding the affiliates network that has helped promote so much of their initial growth.

Their customers are all Amazon sellers, some having just started out, and others that have been in the business for months or even years and are looking to either boost sales or scale their shop. The company has done particularly well-attracting
newcomers through their trial link, which offers a 30-day trial for $1. More than half of those newcomers move on to full-time membership.

Since Amazon has a customer base of more than 300 million, it’s no surprise that nearly 2,000 sellers join the Amazon marketplace every day. Amazon has enjoyed impressive growth in the past few years, which is encouraging more entrepreneurs to launch their businesses on this firmly established platform rather than attempting to launch their own websites.

A challenge they all face is that with so many sellers, the Amazon marketplace is a highly competitive one, and profitability isn’t guaranteed. Profits on Amazon can vary greatly, and certain industries are highly saturated, making it difficult to enter the marketplace and quickly secure market share. While it’s crucial for all Amazon businesses to perform competitive analysis and constantly reevaluate their marketing strategy, brands often find they need help figuring out the most successful ways of gaining a competitive edge.

That’s created a strong opening for companies like this one, which have the available tools to help steer their companies to success, and the guidance they need to implement them successfully. No wonder so many newcomers are signing up for their services, recognizing that the investment they make in these memberships can pay off financially.

Launched 6 years ago, the company has grown along with the number of third-party sellers selling on Amazon. Created as a membership site with recurring revenues, revenue now stays consistent on a monthly basis as their services have become easier to promote.

The company offers its customers a membership site and community, with access available on a monthly or annual plan, that gives them the ability to tap into a library of content that has been amassed since they first launched, and monthly coaching through two live webinars each month.

Customers also can try their VA service which gives them access to a virtual assistant program that serves those members who sell the most profitable products.

Once a year, the company brings its customers together for a “family reunion” where they host an in-person seminar with a range of different speakers, plus breakouts and networking opportunities.

Additional services being provided include proprietary sourcing software, consultations if a member’s account has been suspended, ways to outsource their business, account management services, product photography, and access to their two exclusive private Facebook Groups, with one focused on bundles and the other on couponing.

Their membership makes up 60% of their revenue, and at an average contract size of $197 per month or $1,970 per year, a little marketing effort makes a big impact on the bottom line.

While content creation has been the cornerstone of their marketing efforts, it is used very effectively for email and social media marketing campaigns, and PPC ads on Facebook.

With a hefty email database of 21,000 subscribers, their email campaigns have been a productive way for the company to launch promotions to new members experimenting with their trial phase.

They do plenty of posting on social media sites which boosts their organic traffic, and they are using PPC ads to bring new customers into the sales funnel.

Their strongest marketing drive, though, comes from the affiliates they have on board promoting the company, which enables them to continuously build new relationships with other affiliates that help them keep growing the group. Those affiliate recommendations have been essential to their growth and rising profitability.

A buyer is not looking at taking on a huge workload with this one. The current ownership works just 4 hours per month, with most of that being devoted to a weekly meeting with the VA team, which includes five contractors who run daily operations and keep the Facebook groups running smoothly. That also includes a content manager and community manager to oversee longtime members and ensure all their questions are answered within the groups. They also oversee live training sessions on Facebook Live.

The staff is available to stay on after the acquisition, while the current owner is available to lend ongoing support that includes sending new customers to the group.

This is an especially attractive business proposition when you consider how rapidly Amazon is growing, and how many people eagerly want to sell on that platform – assuming they can figure out how to make it profitable. With unique services and limited competition, this company is marketing itself as a leading agency in helping Amazon sellers get their profits. They are doing the exact same thing along the way.

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