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SBA Pre-Approved eCommerce Brand in the Organic Superfood Vertical – YOY Growth Since Inception – Nice Sales Channels Mix


Website Closers® presents a 5-Year-Old eCommerce Brand in the superfood vertical that has shown year-over-year profitability, since inception. During that time, it has masterfully attracted sales through its Amazon Storefront and subsequently expanded to Costco, eBay, Walmart, and built a D2C website.

The sector’s growth is explosive as more and more people realize the importance of healthy ingredients in their diets. Increasing consumer awareness toward personal health and well-being is expected to be a key motivating factor for superfoods as the global population realizes the benefits of including them in their diets. Growing lifestyle changes and a desire to “live clean,” added to the high convenience offered by this business, indicate both longevity for this company and tremendous scalability.

The company’s raw materials are sourced internationally from regions such as Peru, India, China, Japan, and Brazil. As a result, the finest ingredients are found in each product, unlike many competing brands. The company sells both proprietary and private-labeled SKUs, with best-selling items including Yacon Syrup, Spirulina, Chlorella, Powders of Beetroot, Guarana Seed, and Bee Pollen.

Logistics have been systemized for maximum efficiency financially and in terms of ease of operations. The company’s international manufacturers ship inventory directly to Amazon, when necessary, while its domestic warehouse is used to fulfill orders from all other sales channels. On average, twenty to fifty orders are shipped daily.

Logistics, however, is not where efficacy stops. The owner endures a light workload, primarily overseeing operations rather than being heavily involved in them. Subsequently, a buyer will have time to focus on scaling the business as day-to-day tasks run smoothly.

The typical customer of this business is a middle-class, health-conscious female who orders regularly and is loyal to the brand. The company experiences no seasonality in sales, making inventory easily manageable and providing stable income.

Given the nature of the products, lifetime value and repeat customer rates are high. This is a particularly notable selling point as eCommerce’s advertising and customer acquisition costs are rising steadily. The surging cost of digital advertising, ongoing algorithm changes, and restrictions like Apple’s IOS privacy changes can significantly restrain marketing endeavors. Subsequently, savvy online retailers have come to recognize that since they are now paying markedly more to attain customers, they might as well get maximum lifetime value out of them.

Furthermore, the business is SBA-approved, allowing a buyer to acquire it for as little as a 10% down payment and amortize the loan over a long period at low-interest rates. As a result, surplus cash flow can be used for expansion or other endeavors while an owner can enjoy the fruits of a thriving enterprise. An added bonus is that inventory is included in the selling price.

Since the pandemic, consumers have become more conscious of personal well-being and aim to improve it proactively through healthy living rather than conventional medicines. This heightened health awareness and willingness to experiment have led to a burgeoning industry. There is an increasing demand for these organic and sustainable commodities because of their positive impact on health. For this brand, those commodities include powders, sweeteners, dried fruits and snacks, seeds, bee products, and fats. The result is products that provide consumers with a substantially high amount of nutrients with a minimum intake of calories.

Additionally, superfoods are instrumental in prolonging the lifespan and minimizing the risk of chronic diseases while contributing to a healthier diet. They also increase the metabolic rate, prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and boost weight loss.

The business is reputable and stable, having grown in strength to become one of the market leaders in its niche, attracting prolific organic site traffic month after month. The Amazon storefront accounts for 90% of sales and is competently managed. Listings are extremely well-optimized, and images and A+ content are attractive and informative. This business comes with an ideal catalog of SKUs, with no drastic concentration of sales on specific products. The only exception is the flagship syrup, which the company has exclusivity to.

The brand has tremendous scale opportunities. Subscription boxes or services are incredibly lucrative in this niche and drive repeat revenue with little marketing. Increasing the advertising budget across all channels will undoubtedly boost sales, while international expansion seems like a worthy pursuit. Furthermore, developing the affiliate program and investing in influencer marketing would likely show fruitful results.

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Asking Price
$ 850,000
Cash Flow
$ 293,545
Gross Income
$ 2,086,950
Year Established