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SBA Pre-Approved Multi-Channel eCommerce Retailer offering Pet Supplies, Food, Home & Garden Products and More – 400+ Shipment Daily – $30 AOV – 700+ Active SKUs


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Business that markets a wide array of common, everyday items, racking up impressive sales on an Average Order Value of $30. A key ingredient to their success has been finding items that people buy frequently, from Pet Products and Foods to Apparel and Home & Garden Products. The company has a multichannel approach to sales, including their Shopify website, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. They have continued to add new listings to their product line, and now have 700+ SKUs available across all channels, resulting in 400+ Shipments Daily.

The company targeted products with high margins. Launched in 2015, the company selected products sourced from local suppliers in categories that tend to perform exceptionally well online: food and beverages, home and garden, outdoor and sports, pet supplies, health and fashion, and office supplies. No matter how common these products may be, they are products that consumers are constantly looking for.

These products were so carefully chosen, in fact, that no single item or even a small handful of their SKUs tend to dominate their overall sales. With hundreds of listings across multiple categories, their buyers have a lot of shopping options to pick from, which has given the brand healthy sales figures and no seasonal factors, since they literally have something available for every season.

With a database of products that perform well online, the company has the ability to drive sales much higher simply by adding new items and targeting existing customers for upsells and cross sells.

Their typical customer is the average online shopper, with sales especially high in large population states including California, Florida, New York and Texas.

Their eCommerce platforms provide numerous advantages. While the company has its own Shopify website, it represents just 5% of sales. Their emphasis has been on taking advantage of the benefits provided by Amazon, which makes up 70% of their sales mix, and eBay, which is an additional 15%.

Amazon has been particularly beneficial for the company, which uses Fulfillment by Amazon for fast and reliable shipping, and it’s no surprise they maintain an 85% Positive Seller rating from their customers. The company also has a thriving store on eBay where they maintain an even higher 98.5% Positive Seller Rating. Both platforms enable the brand to take advantage of the superior marketing tools available to them. Both Amazon and eBay offer sellers internal marketing options, enabling this company to focus on identifying market trends and high demand products, and then finding local vendors to quickly source them.

The company additionally runs PPC ads on Google to drive sales and has a major scale opportunity through a future email marketing campaign, since they now have a huge email database of 305,600+ subscribers.

Launching a regular email newsletter, putting a stronger emphasis on social media marketing and investing more in SEO would help drive more organic traffic to their existing platforms, including their Shopify website.

Amazon gives the brand another clear scale option: to expand sales internationally on its foreign platforms. The company previously sold items internationally on all its platforms but opted to suspend overseas operations. But Amazon has encouraged the business to expand their sales across the globe once again.

This is a turnkey operation. Maintaining four sales platforms might sound complex, but their system is so highly automated that the current owner spends just 20 hours per week running the operation, with the primary focus on overseeing employees who manage warehouse operations and technical support.

Most daily tasks are handled by a warehouse manager and warehouse associates who handle order fulfillment and inventory management, and a manager who oversees the product specialists who are providing technical support on all online software and marketplaces.

The current ownership is available to continue providing the technical support that is required to manage and operate the business post-acquisition. They want to ensure a smooth transition when this business sells.

eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart continue to attract new sellers for a good reason: anyone who opens a store on one of these sites has instant access to literally millions of customers.

As this brand has demonstrated, offering products that generate high sales volume is a smart tactical move, and they have the high profit margins to prove it.

Contact Website Closers today to find out how this company is anything but common and ordinary when it comes to earning profits.

This eCommerce Company is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 382,102
Gross Income
$ 2,415,814
Year Established