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SBA Pre-Aproved Subscription Revenue eCommerce Brand in the Wellness Segment – 8,000 Exclusive Members – Strong Social Following


Website Closers® presents a niche eCommerce brand established in no small part to raise awareness about the worldwide mental health crisis. This online venture operates as a membership-driven brand that offers digital affirmations and wellness content and incredible discounts on premium well-being, spa, and positivity products. For a mere $12.95 per month, customers enjoy savings of over 70% on a wide range of products. Also, management has recently launched a higher ticket membership program at a $49.99 price point, including weekly live sessions for members.

The website, constructed on the Shopify platform, boasts a sleek interface adorned with professionally captured product images. Subsequently, it offers easy navigation and exceptional user-friendliness. The visuals vividly showcase the designs and themes, ensuring product clarity. Moreover, weekly blog entries inspire and educate readers, attracting a substantial audience of more than 40,000 monthly website visitors.

The lucrative global markets for jewelry, apparel, and wellness are all encompassed within this brand. The most popular items include bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

The membership program drives approximately 80% of the revenue, with an average customer lifetime value of $75 over a six-month subscription period. The typical customer falls between 30 and 60 and exhibits a keen interest in self-care.

Logistics are expertly handled by a supply chain management agency, which processes 200 orders daily. Remarkably, the company maintains inventory worth only $10,000 to $20,000 despite its substantial revenue.

The two owners dedicate a mere 10 hours per week to their responsibilities. Their primary tasks comprise financial management, operations, product development, business strategy, advertising management, and optimizing conversion rates.

In addition to the owners, the team includes a customer service manager and an operations virtual assistant.

The digital marketing strategy implemented by the company yields impressive results. The brand frequently launches introductory membership offers and sales campaigns to drive new member growth. These promotions are featured on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, with follow-up communications delivered via SMS and email.

Despite an outstanding ROAS, there exist exceptional growth prospects. Influencer marketing on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, given the brand’s niche, can be particularly advantageous. Collaborating with influencers would enhance brand awareness and expand the customer base. This strategy has the potential to rapidly scale member acquisition while reducing costs and bolstering brand presence. Additional opportunities can be explored on platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat, along with increased investment in acquisition marketing. Furthermore, optimizing SMS and email interactions with existing members can drive sales and enhance customer engagement.

Expanding to other eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart, could be a shrewd move. Listing top-selling products on these platforms would expose the brand to millions of potential customers, paving the way for international expansion.

The company has achieved remarkable growth through its membership acquisition strategies and has recently ventured into producing exclusive content for members. An avenue for significant growth lies in wellness content, including new yoga and meditation courses tailored for members. Developing and introducing such content would optimize customer lifetime value and reduce churn rates among new members, substantially improving profit margins.

While mental health issues are not novel, the pandemic has dramatically intensified their prevalence and impact. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, one in five adults in the United States experienced mental illness, predominantly depression or anxiety disorders. It was estimated that half of all Americans would confront a mental health issue during their lifetime. Today, these numbers have soared, with some studies suggesting that up to 80 percent of Americans struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, or isolation.

This brand’s products, empowering content, and messages allow customers to navigate these challenges and foster a sense of community. These affirmations promote positivity wherever they go. The catalog of products is a treasure trove of unique styles, messages, and connections. An astute entrepreneur who acquires this business within this niche space has the golden opportunity to run a successful enterprise while making a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

The business distinguishes itself through its profound product offerings, which embody purpose and the pursuit of happiness. Regardless of age, consumers actively seek out jewelry, apparel, content, and accessories that empower their souls.

Additionally, the company boasts a devoted customer base and aligns with values that consumers cherish, making it an ideal fit for a new owner. Moreover, operating the business requires minimal specialized skills, rendering it an excellent choice for a novice eCommerce operator while presenting substantial growth potential for seasoned eCommerce specialists.

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$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 393,241
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$ 1,399,878
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