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SBA Pre-Qualified, 14 Year DTC Probiotics & Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Business – Microbiologist Designed Product Line


Website closers® presents a growing company that offers Probiotics and Nutritional Supplements within the eCommerce and B2B Wholesale segments. The company is highly established and has been successful over its 14-year history. The business was built on its main product line, developed by an award-winning microbiologist, and it has subsequently included additional products on various online storefronts. This brand has consistently made a name for itself with highly salient print and television appearances over more than a decade. It boasts a substantial and cleaned list of email subscribers. This business sees over 10,000 unique average visitors monthly to its DTC eCommerce storefronts.

With 75 active SKUs in play and nearly unlimited options available through its distribution network, all products are branded and sold under a completely iron-clad, bar-setting copywritten, and trademarked presentation. Character mark, design, slogan, labels, physical products, and verbiage are all licensed and protected head to toe, making this an impeccable opportunity to acquire a lock, stock, and barrel globally leading brand. The business is reputable and stable, having grown in strength to become one of the market leaders in its niche, attracting thousands of unique visitors every month. Moreover, this business comes with an ideal catalog of SKUs, with no drastic concentration of sales on any given items besides the two wildly successful flagship products.

The industry has and will continue to be incredibly lucrative, which gives this company enormous growth opportunities moving forward, added to the fact that consumers are becoming far more healthconscious, prompted further by the coronavirus pandemic. The sector’s growth is explosive as more and more people realize the importance of healthy diets.

This company has consistently maintained year-over-year growth with little invested in paid marketing. Most of the website traffic and sales originate from the existing customer list, a direct online search for the brand, and residual from the supplier’s marketing and promotional efforts. The website domain has recently been converted into an exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, and fully transferable license from that supplier.

The exclusive agreement and partnership provides a unique opportunity for the business to benefit from its supplier’s corporate product marketing initiatives, favorable bulk pricing below wholesale, and access to retail and wholesale customer leads. In addition, they enjoy the benefits of over $2 million in annual advertising without having to cover any of it.

Their typical D2C customer today is health conscious, between 18 and 54 years old, and split evenly between genders, with 54% of sales to men and the remaining 46% to women. They spend on average $114 and order frequently. Approximately 85% of the business is retail and 15% wholesale.

The company utilizes a 100% stock inventory model. A centrally located U.S. 3PL currently processes order fulfillment and is based in close proximity to the supplier, which provides fast inventory replacement and quick shipping throughout the U.S. In addition, the logistics company offers competitive pricing and fulfillment services.

The business is well oiled operationally and does not require an extensive workload. The owner spends around 25 hours weekly on the company, focusing on:

  • Overseeing orders and shipments
  • Managing inventory
  • Marketing
  • Payroll
  • Newsletter content.

Additionally, an operations manager handles almost all day-to-day tasks and business-related decisions. A part-time nutritionist helps answer customer queries and provides professional advice, while a customer service agent responds to client emails and phone calls while also handling occasional refunds.

There is immense opportunity for a new owner to scale the operation. Some of the many methods available are mass retail, enhancing email marketing, international expansion, affiliate and performance-based marketing, and subscription models.

A buyer with an established sales network can take this company to new heights through this channel, while one with other skillsets can steer the business in their chosen direction.

This business has the history, systems, customer loyalty, and licensing agreements that are beyond enviable, so it’s an enticing proposition for an ambitious buyer to scale the company quickly and vastly. This is an opportunity of unmatched caliber in the segment, shipping directly to the customer through highly established and exact match domains.

This Company is Represented by:

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 2783

Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 320,405
Gross Income
$ 1,376,187
Year Established