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SBA Pre-Qualified Amazon FBA eCommerce Business – Multiple Trademarked Brands in the Beer Products & Accessories Vertical – 68 Unique SKUs – Company also Private Labels for B2B Customers


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that provides fun, useful novelties and accessories all related to Beer Drinking and Beer-Related Goods. They sell direct-to-consumer and they also private label products for wholesalers and distributors – the company owns all of its intellectual property designs. The strongest potential for growth is in distribution via brick-and-mortar outlets, a path they have begun. This young company today has all the assets to dominate this lucrative niche market and so many ways to scale from here. Each of the company’s brands is a registered trademark with the USPTO and offers game-changing products that make the company stand out within the Beer Accessories Market. One brand features affordable beer bongs, key chains, and a trademarked beer bong for the infamous shotgun drinking event.

This company is SBA Pre-Qualified through our Lending Partners at Website Closers – which means the business has undergone an initial diligence process with our partners and proven to be worth for an SBA Loan. For a Qualified Buyer – this means that you can get into this business for as little as 10% down, with the SBA Loan amortized over a 10 year period, all at historically low interest rates.

All beer bongs come equipped with FDA-approved plastic tubes that assure proper liquid flow, non-toxic protection, food-grade safe, and have long-lasting strength. Each key chain is a 4-in-one tool centered on shotgun drinking. It’s a bottle opener, a beer tab opener for tough tabs, a shotgun opener for easy, clean puncturing, and of course, a keychain. The beer bong is designed to be spill-free, and its custom design is engineered to empty beer cans in two seconds flat.

The company’s other trademarked brand features beer bongs as well, along with liquor beer belts and liquor holsters. The 6-can beer belts come with extra pockets and insulated material for desired temperature keeping. It’s available in several colors, including camouflage!

The liquor holster belt holds two bottles and 5 shot glasses and fits most sizes. There’s also the single holster option. This brand also features a concealable and easy-to-fill beverage container that anyone can bring into a public event.

Both brands offer additional items that are fun and exciting. With 68 diverse SKUs, sales volume is secure and primed for growth! Consumers can purchase spare parts for beer bongs instead of the whole item. One of the brand’s numerous T-shirts can also be purchased.  Young adults, mostly twenties, both male and female, make up most of the market.

This company has a healthy base of intellectual property. Not only are both brands trademarked along with the keychain, but the company also owns all the plastic molds, the valve mold, the trademarked beer bong mold, and the double beer bong mold. Because of its demonstrative library of IP, the company can control the production of these great designs. This differentiation gives the brand a serious leg up on their competition.

Operations are streamlined for optimal performance on Amazon and for maintaining high standards for customer satisfaction. A third of the products are shipped through Amazon FBA while the rest stay in the warehouse for direct-to-consumer sales. Before a unit is shipped to Amazon, it is carefully inspected for quality assurance.

The supplier that makes the valves is contracted to ensure there will be no leaks. If a valve gets returned, the supplier will send a replacement right away.

The company has a strong relationship with a plastics injection supplier who produces high-quality, FDA-approved plastic for the funnels. This supplier makes all the molds in the U.S., and another company creates the tubes in the U.S. as well.

The business currently orders 8,000 feet of plastic at a time. However, an increase in order size would provide cost savings.

The business is an easy one to manage.  The current owners work part-time and share duties. They do all the plastic cutting, tubing orders for eBay and Etsy, packaging, and website administration.  There are just 1 to 3 customer service contacts daily. The new owner can scale-out these responsibilities and grow the workforce toward a much larger production schedule. Without a doubt, there is a bright future ahead for this business. Countless growth opportunities within a niche market and incredible profitability make this business a sure shot for skyrocketing profitability in the future.

This Amazon FBA Company is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 325,000
Cash Flow
$ 77,088
Gross Income
$ 299,978
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