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SBA Pre-Qualified Business in the Writing Services Vertical – 65% Repeat Customer Rate – Strong Team of Writers in Place

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Website Closers® presents a nearly decade-old, SBA-Prequalified Business that provides a niche, and highly valuable, service for its client, including College and University students struggling with the weight of their workload. They employ a team of skilled writers to provide students with professional essays and PowerPoint presentations. These projects are tailor-made to their clients’ needs, and thanks to their qualified customer service representatives, they’re able to ensure that their customers walk away with everything they need to achieve a good grade.

Clients choose between 22 different Service Offerings with at an Average Order Value of $95. The company’s services cover a wide array of academic needs, including essays, research projects, and article reviews, which makes their services applicable to students of all majors. All that a client needs to do for the process is pay the fee, provide a description of what they need, and confirm the details of their project, allowing clients to focus on their other classes and outside responsibilities while the company takes care of the rest. The quality of the company’s services, along with their quick turnaround time of five days, has given them an exceptional Repeat Order Rate of 65%, and thousands of positive reviews. The average value of their top ten customers is over $7,500 showing the value of having such a dedicated customer base coming back time and time again for their services.

This company has been SBA Pre-Qualified by our lending partners, which translates to a low down payment and much higher ROI opportunity. A Qualified Buyer can purchase the business for as little as 10% down, depending on their own personal qualifications, which would then be amortized at reasonable interest rates over 10 years. This gives the buyer the opportunity to jumpstart their ownership and scale the business much faster than they would without a loan.

The company’s key demographic is college students between the ages of 18 to 55, with a heavy focus on clients who are balancing school alongside full-time jobs and other responsibilities. These students, many of whom are caregivers, members of the military, in nursing programs, or otherwise have overwhelming schedules that make it difficult to maintain grades without compromising health and lifestyle. Statistics show that 37% of college students fall within this bracket, and thanks to these stressors, less than 25% complete their degree within eight years. This business helps to make things a bit more manageable for these students and gives them a stronger chance of success.

The company’s marketing campaign revolves around organic traffic, with much of their growth having stemmed from word-of-mouth and satisfied customers returning to use their services throughout their college years. The company has also used social media channels like TikTok to gain more followers, which has historically led to upticks in the company’s consumer base. As such, improving upon their existing marketing campaign would be a fantastic way to scale the business, as it
would let the brand reach new clients and make them a more widely-known brand within this niche.

Social media is, of course, one of the best ways of scaling, however. In the times that the current owner has pushed social media channels like TikTok, the company has seen very strong sales spikes. They already have a Facebook account with over 14,000 followers, but by growing their following on these websites, along with other popular platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, they could see fantastic results.

International expansion poses another great way for a new owner to grow the business. The company hasn’t explored global expansion, but other English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom represent promising opportunities. Their social media accounts are already universally applicable, and given their strong team of writers, it would be simple to appeal to struggling students in these other regions. Another opportunity is in pre-writing essays, which would allow for faster delivery times, and place less strain on the writing team.

The current owner devotes a mere 10 hours per week to running the business, with their primary task being focused on marketing efforts. The rest of the workload is managed by an excellent team, consisting of a customer service manager, a customer service representative, and a writer manager, along with 10 to 15 writers who handle clients’ requests and projects. They also employ VAs, who take messages and respond accordingly to customers. The company is self-sustaining, allowing for an easier transition.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 2779

Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 298,368
Gross Income
$ 684,470
Year Established

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