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SBA Pre-Qualified Customized Engraving eCommerce Website – Highly Giftable Products – Metal & Personalized Signage – Home Decor


Website Closers® presents a booming eCommerce brand in the solid niche of quality engravings, art, and metal products for the home. With products entirely manufactured in the United States, this business has been recognized as a market leader in personalized décor. The brand’s tremendous success to date has set the foundation for lasting success as the brand continues down the path of growth and market share expansion.

The business has been reviewed by our Lending Partners and Pre-Qualified for SBA Financing. What this means for a buyer is that she can acquire this amazing company for as little as 5-10% down and amortize the balance over an entire decade. This allows a quicker return on investment and less money down than would otherwise be necessary in a deal of this size.

Earning a vast and loyal following in the specialized market of metal art and personalized décor, this company goes beyond standard furnishings to give customers lasting art pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Utilizing happy customer images and reviews, their Instagram account has accumulated more than 11,500 followers, bringing attention and awareness to the company’s incredible brand and products.

Averaging an order value of $133.92, revenues for the brand reached an enviable $5.8 million in 2019. With the home décor market hitting a whopping $737 billion value in 2020, this industry is expecting to see a 6.6% growth rate through 2025 that any savvy buyer could take advantage of for dramatic bottom line growth.

The company operates on a successful drop ship model that requires no inventory and low overhead to deliver phenomenal sales from its Shopify Website. Expanding the company’s reach, a new owner could increase international sales efforts, and promote their products on Amazon.

The release of new designs and SKUs could sharply increase profits as well. The brand has already demonstrated how much appeal and profitability their current product lineup has, making enhanced advertising on new platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok – along with affiliate marketing and increased SEO efforts – tremendously promising opportunities. Google Shopping is another significant untapped platform.  Last but not least, collaborating with Influencers and Celebrities can be extremely successful  strategies to drive traffic and revenue.

This company was formed with the knowledge that home sales are soaring in the United States, which means that millions of home buyers will be looking for creative ways to decorate. With so many home décor products being mass produced, this company tapped into an underserved audience by focusing on customizable décor made from the highest-grade steel, 100% based out of the U.S.

Entirely bypassing standard décor that was all too readily available, the company went with an uncommon, long-lasting medium. These custom metal art pieces could be personalized, putting the names of children, loved ones, and family members onto stunning home décor pieces that can last for generations to come and in all kinds of weather.

Within less than 3 years, the brand has solidified its customer base: 35–70 year-old-women who have an average income of $50,000/year and spend a good deal of time shopping. Their buyers love to decorate their homes and buy things for it as well as décor gifts for family and friends.

Marketing to date has used a mix of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, Google AdWords for retargeting and email marketing campaigns to existing customers.

The brand has been prominently featured on ABC News, Fox News, and the CW, giving them tremendous exposure. Demand for their metal art décor has remained steady even throughout the world events of 2020. In fact, the lockdowns have contributed to a faster adaptation in all eCommerce industries, allowing for rapid and sustainable growth.

Combining their unshakable foundation of 100+ lucrative SKUs with the ability to swiftly launch many more, this company stands with a history of proven success, ready to take on the future under new ownership. Offering best-selling products in scripture signage, hunting themed signs, and name monograms, which represent about 70% of their sales, new design options are endless. The company now crafts new products regularly, testing each one in the market by running ads and then, depending on response, begins manufacturing. Leveraging real data in this way has led to remarkable sales growth and consumer loyalty.

The company uses an effective Drop Ship Model, this has led to strong vendor ties and enviable terms with low pricing and swift turnaround times. No inventory is maintained to eliminate storage costs and ensure true customizability.

This company has become such a well-oiled machine, that the owner now only works an average of 8 hours per week on the business. Primary tasks include managing the team of virtual assistants, paying invoices to the supplier, researching new product ideas, and launching new marketing/advertising campaigns.  The rest of the operational tasks are handled by five VAs who work remotely and handle customer support, purchase processing, and design work that includes website graphics, marketing creative, and new design creation.

The customer support team also handles phone calls, emails, and social media inquiries. These employees work around the clock so that the company can take orders 24 hours a day.

The brand’s unparalleled success creates a striking number of scale opportunities starting with the potential to continue introducing new products and adding to the current, phenomenally successful product line. An incoming buyer could also increase profitability by expanding advertising efforts onto new platforms such as Snap Chat, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok, while exploring affiliate marketing to increase the brand’s name recognition.

Those marketing campaigns could also be translated into different languages to boost sales internationally, while there is also the potential for selling these products directly to brick-and-mortar retail shops, entering the wholesale space for both bulk buyers and re-sellers.

At a time when the real estate market is booming, the home furnishings industry is experiencing record high profits, and that includes the market for high end home décor items. This brand brilliantly discovered a niche market for personalized home décor items made from high-grade steel and took just a few years to develop a spanning and loyal customer base of nearly 1 million buyers who are eager for their specialized SKUs.

Built by an experienced business leader, this company is designed for lasting success. The founder of this company has built a multitude of lucrative businesses in the past, and been recognized by Forbes, Yahoo, Entrepreneur and other powerful industry icons for his strategic prowess.

The business’ proven success makes this an incredibly strategic acquisition for any type of buyer, who could then take advantage of the many scale opportunities that exist, including entering adjacent markets such as bespoke furniture and metal lighting fixtures. A limitless and steady market, this company drives incredible profitability.

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