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SBA Pre-Qualified Digital Marketing Firm – Website Design, Development & Maintenance – 63% Recurring Revenue Rate


Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Qualified B2B Digital Marketing Firm that has been an innovator for 15+ years. A go-to expert when it comes to web design, SEO optimization, and online marketing, this brand has a reputation for finding ingenious ways to help other businesses boost their online presence through cutting-edge and sophisticated digital marketing techniques.

With a team of long-term contractors in place, this brand has earned its standing for digital expertise and has been rewarded with consistently strong earnings over the past decade. The company provides ongoing monitoring of the Services they provide, resulting in the achievement of a 63% Recurring Revenue Rate.

Their mastery of digital techniques has given the business perfect 5 Star ratings on Google Reviews, and 100% positive reviews on LinkedIn. Clients keep coming back for the team’s stellar performance and attention to detail.

This brand has built its client base organically and via consistent client referrals; it has also grown its email database to more than 4,400. They have built a cross-industry reputation for marketing in home improvement, non-profit ventures, and the health and medical fields. The brand’s comprehensive Comeback Campaigns have been particularly appealing to firms looking to improve their digital footprint and expand their customer base.

Currently based in New Jersey and focused on that state’s business community, this agency could expand nationally and internationally to capitalize on a much wider customer base. The new owner does not need to re-locate to New Jersey to purchase this business.

This company retains a franchise broker association client who consistently requires their services on up to 6 new templated broker websites each month. Just one of their recurring customers, this promising partnership well exemplifies the company’s potential. The company could easily expand this white label solution to other franchise groups to drive additional revenue.

Launched 15 years ago to serve as an outsourced marketing department for small to medium-sized businesses, this company offers a host of digital marketing services that range from website design to content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and PPC advertising. Additionally, offering multiple service packages for ongoing reporting and monitoring of web traffic and search results, this firm has tailored services for clients in every industry and size bracket. For these services, clients pay between $1,000 and $1,600 each month.

The Average Contract Size for their website development alone is $2,750, while their monthly growth initiatives earn $5,950 per month. That remains their top selling service, with about 50% of all monthly earnings attributed to their work in this area. This agency’s website services span from website development and logo designs to website maintenance, and hosting.

The brand has a strong social media presence, utilizing Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to successfully spread the word about their talents and build a healthy following.  With 3,500+ followers on LinkedIn and nearly 4,000 on Twitter, the brand has been able to effectively demonstrate its expertise in the highly competitive field of digital marketing.

Maintainning a strategic balance of digital marketing tactics, this company attracts advertisers through LinkedIn text marketing and Facebook campaigns. They also have a respected blog that can be used effectively for SEO optimization, along with informative marketing videos on YouTube that are crafted twice a month.

There are tremendous scaling opportunities here, both in terms of marketing and through franchise development. This brand has already built up a very successful marketing presence through SEO, social media, and email campaigns that deliver incomparable awareness and sales. An incoming owner could expand these already profitable campaigns to bring this company onto the national stage.

The company could also target partnerships with conglomerates, chains, and small businesses to provide specialized services to the organization’s members.

The current owner dedicates 35-40 hours per week to fielding changes and updates from clients and assigning tasks to team members, handling sales calls, doing proposal writing, and completing search engine optimization for the website, and overseeing the marketing strategy for clients. However, the current owner would also be willing to stay on post-acquisition to minimize the burden on an incoming buyer as well as to help ensure stability and continued success.

Working with a skilled team of contractors, the company employs a Social Media Manager who writes and posts all client social media; a Media Manager who manages the blog writing team and client updates to websites; a Project Manager who facilitates social media and content flow between the social media manager and clients to handle client management; two WordPress developers, and an SEO expert.

Today, the use of digital marketing, websites, and SEO is a necessity for companies large and small, across all industries.

A 15-year leader in the field of digital marketing, this agency proves how user-friendly websites, smart social media posts, and creative webinars can help businesses develop, flourish, and perfect their own brand.

Purchasing this company gives a new owner an incomparable digital marketing agency that carries a firm reputation for excellence, a proven track record for helping and retaining clients, and an unshakable market standing as a trailblazer for their highly successful marketing packages that both attain and monitor client growth.

Held steady by more than a decade of experience, success, and reputation building, this company is ready to take the next step into spanning growth. Entering larger fields both nationally and internationally is just the start for an incredible institution such as this, and all it will take is a capable visionary to lead the way.

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Asking Price
$ 350,000
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$ 93,684
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$ 220,315
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