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SBA Pre-Qualified Digital Video Agency – Custom Animated Explainer Videos – $10,000 AOV – 70% Repeat Customers – Multiple Fortune 50 Companies


Website Closers® presents a 12 year Digital Video Agency that provides Video and Animation Studio services to Fortune 50 and similar enterprise-level companies. The website has a modern, crisp feel to it, showing their high-profile clientele, a ton of their past videos and a super easy to navigate interface that pushes appointment booking CTAs.

Services Profile

The company predominantly creates animated and live-action video content for businesses of all sizes. Live Action Explainer Videos, Screencast Videos, Mobile App Demos, Brand Videos, Sizzle Reels, Translation Services, and Live Action Testimonial Videos are among the services provided.

The objective is to assist businesses in explaining their value proposition in simple terms using comprehensive scriptwriting, bespoke illustration, animation, design, voiceovers, custom graphics, and musical backing. A professional production method, unrivaled innovation, outstanding workmanship, customer retention, and client satisfaction have all contributed to developing a healthy company with an excellent history of achievement. The agency handles all the demanding tasks for its clients, allowing them to focus on their primary business responsibilities.

Explainer videos of around 60 seconds constitute the majority of their sales. Organizations frequently utilize these on their home pages as a short overview or to concisely describe various goods or services. Demo videos represent 20% of revenue, with the remainder distributed among other services.

Every order has a unique payment structure. Often there are specific criteria, such as script approval, authorization from the board, and the first preview of animation, that would initiate payments at different stages during a project. Following an initial order, numerous consumers frequently return to update their content or purchase additional videos. They might wish to develop product or service-specific videos or have shorter versions of existing content made for social media advertising. Other companies require video editing on a regular basis when their app is updated, for example.

Human Resources & Operations

Management has successfully adapted to the changing times to remain at the cutting edge of their vertical. The company’s framework enables them to keep expenses down while boosting profitability. It also facilitates the team in implementing new undertakings and services straightforwardly. Furthermore, one of the reasons for the agency’s longevity has been providing superior service at an agreeable price.

Because of the high quality of their output and their discerning eye for talent, leadership has amassed a talented creative network that they routinely draw on. These aren’t unknown freelancers; they’re highly proficient creators who, in many cases, have worked with the agency for many years. As a result, they grasp the system and expectations of the client.

Given the market’s maturation, breaking into it is challenging. As a result, entering this area from scratch and developing a new brand would be precarious, expensive, and extremely difficult. The presence of barriers and advantages over the competition makes the company highly appealing from a business acquisition standpoint. Previous clientele, the growing catalog of past videos, and referrals contribute significantly toward its revenue, and because it is not dependent on a significant advertising expenditure to acquire customers, the agency has a competitive edge. To be precise, advertising accounts for only 3% of total revenue.

Marketing & Sales

Lead generation has become more polished over time and comprises targeted email campaigns. This has proven highly effective, and the business achieved a strong return on investment in the months after implementing the strategy.

In addition, this company has consistently done well organically in certain sectors under the search terms “animation studio” and “explainer video,” for which they feature on the first page of Google.

Recently, the agency boosted search engine optimization on its Vimeo portfolios, which include scores of video content relating to specific industries. These include technology, patient education, manufacturing, and retail. Organic search engine optimization accounts for approximately 10% of the client base.


This prosperous, well-run business would make a fantastic addition to a marketing agency or an excellent investment for an astute independent buyer who is looking for a company with ongoing cash flow, a team capable of growing and a portfolio of past content to build upon.

It would be useful, but optional, for a buyer to have expertise in maintaining relationships with current clients to offer new products and services, as well as marketing, technology, automation, search engine optimization, and potential SDRs. Nonetheless, a businessperson will almost certainly be proficient with most of these skill sets. An adept marketer can scale swiftly and vastly using existing clients and prospects.

This Digital Firm is Represented by:

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3023

Asking Price
$ 2,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 653,064
Gross Income
$ 1,487,576
Year Established