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SBA Pre-Qualified Document Automation & Management Solutions Company – 29 Years in Business – High Customer LTV


Website Closers® presents an innovative Document Management Technology and Service Company that provides cost and environment-saving solutions for document generation, distribution, and storage. The business operates across industries, including computer systems, technical programming, and digital device supplies. As a result, it has achieved consistent profitability and growth from over 15 countries worldwide.

The target market is any company that owns an IBM or IBM Midrange or is looking for a document management solution or security paper and toner. The company also sells some “open platform” solutions that can run outside the IBM iSeries environment.

Notably, the five core revenue streams enjoy gross margins that are best from the top down. By revenue and profit margins, and in order, they include:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Supplies
  3. Software
  4. Services
  5. Freight

The business generates three to six leads monthly through SEO and keywords. It has stopped utilizing paid marketing entirely and runs on autopilot. This presents enormous room for growth since the existing owner is practically retired and has not put effort into scaling the operation. Low-hanging fruit for a new owner to dramatically increase revenue includes, but is not limited to, paid advertising with publications, attending trade shows, and utilizing marketing consultants.

As it stands, the marketing and lead generation process is straightforward. The primary focus is improving SEO and ranking close to the top of search engines4primarily Google. Occasional social media posts, blog posts, and email blasts are also used while participating in some online training, and demonstrations complete the process.

The existing owner is hands-off and spends only around 15 minutes weekly talking to the accountant. He has endured no daily tasks in over five years, and the team runs autonomously. His only duties include monthly and quarterly check-ins.

Additional staff members and contractors work in the following capacities:

  • A general manager runs the business.
  • A small firm handles all accounting and most of the admin.
  • Three staff in Vietnam do most of the programming.
  • A contractor in Vietnam does a small amount of social media work.
  • A contractor in Arizona does the website work and some iSeries programming.
  • A programmer in Oregon helps audit and manage the code in the US.
  • An assistant in California sells supplies and helps with the admin.

The operations team and day-to-day team members will stay with the company post-acquisition. They will be able to keep the business running smoothly during the transition and post-close. If needed, the existing owner can assist with limited transitionary support. Still, since he has not been actively involved in the day-to-day operations for many years, it will likely not be necessary.

The company is thriving and shows promise for further growth. In an era where an increasing number of workplaces rely on digital media and storage, the demand for document management and digital devices will only continue to rise along with it. In 2020, the global document management system market was valued at $5.51 billion and is expected to reach $11.47 billion by 2026. Legal regulations and convenience have led to banks partnering with cloud-based documentation services. Government initiatives and customer pressure are expected to lead to the healthcare sector adopting digitization practices en masse. Coupled with the rapid evolution of technology and the efficiency of DMS, the traditional concept of paper files will one day be eliminated in favor of this new system. As such, the company would allow an incoming owner to capitalize on this transition from paper and seize the numerous opportunities available at an ideal time.

This proven document management solution company has operated successfully for more than 26 years and is a valuable investment prospect. Whether a buyer is looking to maintain the status quo or use a solid foundation to soar to new heights, a savvy, tech-oriented entrepreneur can easily shape the business to suit their lifestyle.

This Company is Represented by:

Tech & Internet Business Brokers

WC 2910

Asking Price
$ 1,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 435,695
Gross Income
$ 979,826
Year Established