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SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand in the Air Filtration Vertical – Amazon FBA Brand – 80% TTM Growth – $17.59 AOV – Low Ad Spend


Website Closers® presents an excellent FBA eCommerce brand that will keep you breathing easy. This SBA-approved business has excelled within the air filtration niche, the filters are made with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and methods. These 26 products are entirely sourced within the US and feature activated carbon filters, pads, and fabrics to keep a customer’s home or business free of any harmful particles and smelling fresh to boot. Additionally, their products are made with chemical-free adhesives and charcoal content, making them incredibly efficient and safe for consumers to use.

Filters are an essential product for both individual customers and businesses, as they help protect buildings from airborne pollutants, viruses, and other contaminants that might harm the health of the people inside them. The global air filters market was valued at $14.68 billion in 2021, and the rise of disease and pollution in cities and other areas has set them on a staggeringly high trajectory. As more governments push for better air quality standards and regulations, the demand will only grow higher, and it’s expected that the market will be valued at $22.93 billion by 2029.

This company has been able to rapidly grow within this rising market, establishing themselves as a more affordable, but still highly efficient alternative to some of the bigger name brands. They have an Average Order Value of $17.59, and many of their customers cite their lower cost as a large factor in why they prefer their products over others. Because contaminants and illness are a year-round issue, they see very little seasonality in their sales and have even achieved a 23% YOY growth rate.

They have, unsurprisingly, performed well on Amazon, taking advantage of the Amazon FBA ecosystem to provide top customer service to their buyers. Not only has one of their most popular products achieved a coveted Amazon’s Choice badge, but they also have a 97% Positive Lifetime Seller Rating based on over 600 global ratings. As the company’s products are manufactured exclusively for them, this prevents consumers from turning to their competitors for the same quality of filter and keeps them coming back for replacements, keeping their air fresh and clean.

Their marketing plan is incredibly simple despite their high rate of growth. They strategically use Amazon PPC for their advertising and keep their ACOS low and their profits high. Advertising is just 6% of total Revenue. While a buyer could maintain this plan and still enjoy the strong sales the company has been seeing, they could easily fine-tune their plan through keyword analysis and SEO to attract more customers. Alternatively, they could implement paid advertising on Google and Bing to heighten their reach and access customers with an interest in the air purification sphere. A social media presence could also drive traffic to Amazon, boosting ranking and revenue.

The company has recently hired Post Purchase Pro to acquire customer emails, which will open the potential for email marketing in the future. Email marketing campaigns could be used to remind customers to regularly replace their filters for better air quality or upsell them on other products that the brand sells. Email campaigns could also direct customers to the company website instead of Amazon, to reduce expenses.

They could reduce their overall COGS by purchasing orders in bulk, which would also allow them to better meet customer demand and avoid running out of stock. They could also add to their product roster by incorporating new sizes and shapes for their SKUs, giving their filters more applicability and use for a larger number of customers.

The company houses 100% of their inventory through Amazon FBA, which saves money for warehousing and staffing, and sharply cuts down on the owner’s workload. The current owners spend 6 hours per week on the business, which will give the buyer ample time to scale the brand or focus on other ventures.

The owners’ responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ad management and keyword optimization
  • Research and analysis of products, suppliers, and competition
  • Inventory management
  • Procuring images and graphics for the brand to use

This incredibly turn-key acquisition stands out from other companies thanks to their exclusive, highly effective product line, affordable pricing, and efficient structure. Their SBA qualification will make it simple for a buyer to see a quick ROI, making for a great addition to the portfolio of any experienced business owner.

This Amazon FBA Business is Represented by:

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 2876

Asking Price
$ 1,260,000
Cash Flow
$ 280,371
Gross Income
$ 835,512
Year Established