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SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand – Sound Therapy Products & Services – Buy for as little as $85,000 Down – 27% Repeat Order Rate – 116% YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has risen to prominence within the Sound Science industry, providing tools and training to consumers. Through their excellent selection of energy tuners, tuning forks, and specialized training courses, they have worked diligently to help their customers master the use of ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. Whether a customer is new to this rapidly expanding field or already part of it, this company is sure to have something to offer them.

They are the foremost leader in their movement, which revolves around guiding and uniting a group of awakeners that are interested in changing the world for the better. Their vibrational tools for personal use have been incredibly popular within the consumer base they have built for themselves, allowing customers to increase their quality of life and take the first step towards professional tools and training.

The company has over two decades of experience in their craft, having made their debut through the Body, Mind, and Spirit Expositions they attended. While consumers were at first taken aback by what they had to offer, their booths are now regularly crowded with people eager to try out their products for themselves. These people are typically those who have had experience with, or at the very least have heard of, sound therapy and solfeggio frequencies, and have been swayed by the spreading interest and awareness regarding this field.

After establishing themselves through these expos, the company then went on to return to the city for a series of workshops. Once their website grew in size and profit thanks to the introduction of their teacher program, there was less of a need to attend either type of event, saving them the time and money that would be used for traveling. The business still offers a series of live workshops every year, however, with their online courses and teachers covering the rest of their mentorships.

Their average sales rate lingered at about $400,000 for roughly a decade, with the owners seeing no need to expand from their already highly successful business model. Regardless, in 2020, they saw a sudden growth spurt, encouraging them to partner with YouTube influencers in the following year. This move proved to be the right one, as it effectively doubled their customer base and sales. Their growth has shown no signs of slowing down since, with their consumer base eagerly keeping them on their current trajectory.

The company’s key demographic consists of older women interested in helping others and exploring new possibilities of their own. They enjoy a consistent stream of repeat sales thanks to their line of specialty products, along with a variety of courses that can guide customers toward the next level of training or certification in this niche.

Their flagship products are their selection of tuning forks, which are sourced through a US-based supplier that the company has been working with for over a decade. Meanwhile, their support and practitioner products are sourced through a selection of small businesses. Outside of 2 products, nearly all of their 40 SKUs are sourced in the US, with 20 additional kits incorporating their product line.

Their suppliers have been provided with exact specifications through which to create their custom forks, allowing them to manufacture specific sets of branded products exclusively for the company. Additionally, a few of their custom items needed for training and kits are custom-made by the small businesses they work with.

An average of $45,000’s worth of inventory is maintained every month. While they use a 100% stock model, they require minimal storage space to house their products, saving them profit in the long term.

20% of the company’s sales are conducted through a combination of phone orders, teacher and wholesale orders, live workshops, and expos. The rest are generated through their eCommerce channel, showcasing the power of their website.

The workload of the current owners varies. The founder takes the time to attend live interviews and workshops, and outside of acting as a brand voice to inspire customers to become awakeners, spends little time working on the business.

The co-owner, meanwhile, works 40 hours every week. His responsibilities focus on marketing, accounting, inventory ordering and tracking, customer service, website, and subcontractor and agency management.

The company also has several additional employees, who work part-time as assistants. These employees handle inventory organization, order fulfillment, and kit assembly.

They have enjoyed fantastic results and return on ad spend through a 30-second ad run on Facebook, with this advertisement leading to staggering sales since it was launched. Despite this, the company currently does very little otherwise with this channel, which presents a great sales opportunity for the buyer postpurchase. Email marketing has also started to become a reliable method of generating sales, letting them take advantage of their over 10,000 email database as it grows and develops.

They also recently began an affiliate program, which, thanks to its promising results, could easily be combined with influencer marketing to bring in more traffic than ever before.

This straightforward acquisition is built in such a way that the new owner can easily transition. The current owners advise that the buyer becomes a certified teacher in the training system to make the most of this business and are happy to train them if they prefer not to seek out another accredited teacher.

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