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SBA Pre-Qualified Lead Generation Business – Focused on Appliance Repair – Highly Scalable into Other Services – 300-500 Leads Daily – Strong Growth

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Website Closers® presents a notable SBA Pre-Qualified Marketing Firm that has a strong history of providing Lead Generation Services for Appliance Repair Companies across the US. They have garnered a glowing reputation in the home improvement field as a top-rated resource for lead generations, and have proven themselves as qualified experts in their field and a go-to marketing resource for many appliance repair technicians. They have seen strong growth between 2021 and 2022, and they predict that they will see even stronger profits in 2023, with a planned projection of between 20 to 30% growth.

They have implemented a variety of strategies into their campaigns, such as SEO, which helps them better drive paid traffic to their clients’ sites with targeted keywords and phrases. There is a considerable amount of lead generation potential available through these strategies, and they put it to use with their clever advertising practices that help provide a consistent flow of leads and increased traffic to their clients’ storefronts.

Their process consists of the following steps:

  • Appliance repair services are advertised on Google and Bing SEM
  • A Consumer clicks the ad and visits the site
  • The consumer calls the phone number listed on the site or in the ad
  • They then enter their zip code via an IVR
  • A live auction is hosted with downstream lead buyers
  • The call is forwarded to the buyer that is willing to pay the most

They can generate revenue from their buyers when a call lasts longer than the required duration, which is about 1 to 2 minutes after forwarding the call to the buyer. On average, the brand generates anywhere between 300 and 500 inbound phone calls every day. As downstream buyers are forwarded the call once the consumer goes through the IVR process, no customer support is required from the company, which saves them resources that would otherwise be spent on customer service representatives.

Their participating partners receive a monthly invoice for billable calls, with the brand’s SEM platforms charging the credit card that’s on file for their partners either the same day or the next day for generated clicks. Their partners’ payment terms sit at a net 30 to 45 basis.

They monitor clicks through SEM platforms, and monitor calls through routing and reporting software, as well as a downstream partner that reports dashboards. Each call that exceeds the required duration is considered a conversion. However, their converted click rate can be affected by multiple factors, such as campaign, geo, device type, and the buyer.

Their participating partners receive a monthly invoice for billable calls, with the brand’s SEM platforms charging the credit card that’s on file for their partners either the same day or the next day for generated clicks. Their partners’ payment terms sit at a net 30 to 45 basis.

The brand has been structured in such a way that their overheads are remarkably low, and require only one to two months of SEM spend as working capital from the buyer. Their typical ad spend is about $40,000 to 45,000 every month, which, given the quality of their services, is a reasonable price.

There are many ways that the buyer can scale the business shortly after stepping into the role of management, which can help them see a quick return on investment (ROI). These methods include continuing to expand on SEM, finding and working with new buyers, and adding new traffic sources to their strategies such as social, display, email, and affiliate. The company could also establish a form lead channel to complement their existing phone call channel to improve their profits.

Their status as a notable Lead Gen Firm means that they’ve developed strategies that can theoretically be effectively implemented in other home improvement segments. Several of their existing partners already have coverage to purchase appliance repair form leads, which, along with calls and form leads in other home improvement categories, means that this move will likely be a great source of scaling post-purchase.

The turnkey nature of the brand means the current owner needs only 1 to 2 hours every week on average to handle operations. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Analyze the profitability of the prior day, week, and rolling 30 days performance
  • Make campaign bid adjustments based on performance and profitability
  • Research new relevant keywords to add
  • Negative any poor performing or irrelevant queries

The company has been optimized and polished to a streamlined shine, which means that they require no additional employees or contractors to work alongside the owner. This clear-cut structure makes it a great choice for a first-time entrepreneur interested in breaking into the industry, or a buyer looking to generate passive income with little required to maintain the brand behind it. Additionally, few special skills are needed to step into the ownership role, outside of some basic knowledge of SEM and lead generation. The current owner has also expressed a willingness to train the buyer post-acquisition, which will make the transition process even more straightforward.

The company is operating off a promising foundation, with a strong client base, a great reputation, and an automated structure that will facilitate the buyer’s transition to the owner.

This Lead Gen Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3236

Asking Price
$ 540,000
Cash Flow
$ 160,697
Gross Income
$ 618,703
Year Established

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