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SBA Pre-Qualified Subscription Based eCommerce Brand in a Niche Entertainment Sector – 80% Customer Retention Rate – 10,000 Monthly Website Visitors

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Website Closers® presents a rapidly scaling, highly profitable brand making a name for itself in a niche Subscription Video Entertainment Sector.  The subscription video field is continually growing, following a lead set by popular platforms such as Patreon and OnlyFans. Once thought of as primarily adult content platforms, this market has evolved to feature niche interest videos ranging from costuming interests to podiatric massage. This specific, high-quality offering is for a wide-reaching content network that has cornered the subscriber market for female hair-removal entertainment. This niche business, which enjoys a repeat customer percentage over 85%, thrives in a market where competition fails to sustain. Its current, specially crafted business strategy allows for nearly turn-key operations for ownership. The bulk of the heavy lifting can be handled efficiently and cost-effectively by contractors both nationally and abroad.

Additionally, our lending partners have pre-qualified this transaction as being suitable for an SBA Transaction, giving a buyer the opportunity to purchase this business for as little as $60,000 down, amortized at very reasonable interest rates over a decade. At the current earnings level, that means an ROI can be achieved with this business in as few as 5 short months.

Though the audience for sensual hair removal content is niche, the market is severely undersaturated and subscribers are more than happy to pay for high-quality content with great production values: Thanks to a grassroots marketing strategy, this brand has been able to see enormous, sometimes, 200% month-over-month subscriber growth without spending a dime on advertising.  Due to this unique position, scale opportunities are virtually limitless.

A strong social media presence across both Instagram and YouTube have led to excellent returns. The brand’s YouTube channel, which was originally created to advertise releases, has actually grown to the point of monetization. Its enthusiastic fans have come to be one of the biggest assets; where they not only show their support financially, but also in zealously spreading the word about the content in ways that have been unparalleled in the growth margins demonstrated by this company. All of their content is proprietary, and retains value for years on end. In addition to the existing value of their current video selections, new content created by a winning team of trained contractors, using the same formula, can be repeated. This formula as well as their top-notch team can be transferred to making further videos, not just in this market, but in other interests and ideas as well. The company launched another site in May to add to its rosters of winning dot coms, and has even surpassed that of the previous models through additions and upgrades.

This business model has been heavily based on subscription services, with a low churn and cancelation rate in addition to high retentions.  Its progressive advancements have created unique ways to increase the spend per customer, including diversification through different avenues, including, but limited to download services in addition to their on-demand streaming memberships. Between its thousands of subscribers on all their Instagram pages and YouTube channels, this content-creation dynamo has one of the farthest reaches of any niche-based content on the internet. If that wasn’t enough on its own, it has an unutilized forum where the community can continue to grow.

The formula created and used to run this niche network can be replicated to create endless expansion opportunities over and over, opening the door to limitless opportunities to create a niche steaming empire. While the network is already strong and can be grown internally, one of largest growth markets will be in replicating and diversifying this business plan. Underserved markets adjacent to this one include other female body hair content categories, makeup application targeted to male viewers, as well as pedicure content.

All of this brand’s  websites have hundreds of unique video titles that create a loyal fanbase, while at the same time, new fresh content drives sales in a positive direction. The company also has surplus stockpile of uncirculated content –enough to last for months, – allowing ample free time to focus on some well-defined growth opportunities, while creating more. This SBA prequalified business has also been optimized to the point where it can be run by a single individual in about 13 hours a month, or roughly two straight days in given month. The business can be run from anywhere as the formula is adjustable base on location.

The seller is open to staying on an as-needed consultatory basis to ensure a smooth transition, and teach the new owner or their team how to run the business and grow it. Even though the business model more than allows the owner to easily create new content without having to be very hands on, the current seller is also willing to remain as a free consultant in this regard until the new owner is comfortable managing it completely on their own.

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Listing ID: WC 2553

Asking Price
$ 595,000
Cash Flow
$ 297,930
Gross Income
$ 298,478
Year Established

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