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SBA Pre-Qualified Tech Company – B2B Data Storage Solutions – 60% Repeat Order Rate – Nearly 3 Decades in Business – 4,000+ Sticky Customers


Website Closers® presents an SBA Pre-Qualified, B2B veteran in the Data Storage, Protection, and Management Solutions market. They’re well regarded for their premium, yet highly affordable, iSCSI, FC SAN, SAS, NAS, and Hybrid/All Flash storage solutions, and have become a formidable player in this space over the nearly three decades they have been in business. They offer some of the nation’s top industries, as well as firms servicing those industries, reliable IT hardware solutions, and now serve over 4,000 loyal clients. They have been able to provide impeccable service and results through their built-to-order model, as it allows them to tailor their products to the exact needs and instructions of each client and their business. Their solutions have made them the go-to option for many companies looking for a solution to safeguard their in-house data. They have been placed in CRN’s top 50 Coolest Software-Defined Storage Vendors.

With the rising utilization of technology among modern businesses, proper data storage is more important than ever. If data, especially data in the hands of firms that have built up a long data history, is mismanaged, it can be disastrous for both the business and whomever they work with. This company’s gold standard solutions can be customized and tailored to each client’s needs, making it simple for them to work with clients across various fields and industries, but most importantly, making their offering highly sticky. Whether they’re publishers, medical networks, educational organizations, governments, etc., this industry powerhouse will have something for them. Their high versatility, constant innovation, and trustworthy product have given them an astounding 60% Repeat Order Rate and have kept them as the top choice for businesses looking for solutions in this space.

Launched in 1994, the company’s hardware gives clients nearly boundless expandable storage data, without compromising their safety or integrity. Their support services are just as versatile as their products and cover remote sites, data centers, and more. Additionally, their products are proprietary and trademarked, meaning that their clients can’t find their quality offerings anywhere else. 10% of the company’s revenue stems from their project-based infrastructure, racks, and cables, with the remaining 90% being generated by their incredible storage platforms. These storage platforms come with high-density servers, switches, and host bus adapters, and cover many of the needs of their clients. As their extended warranties provide protection for these products, they have also grown into a large source of sales, providing about 95% contribution margins to their overall gross revenue.

The business has a varied Average Order Value range, from $10,000 to as high as $100,000. Though they receive large orders from time to time, no one client makes up the bulk of their sales, so there’s no need to focus on keeping one contact over the rest. While sales do tend to spike in the summer since this is when educational institutions traditionally invest in new hardware for the upcoming fall semester, they see very little seasonality throughout the year. Additionally, they have developed strong international sales channels, as well. Their primary source of revenue is the US, but they also have a valuable authorized distributor in the UK which has, over the 15 years that they’ve been with the company, led to 55% of all police departments in the region using their hardware. They also have several resellers in the US and Canada, who thanks to buying from them and reselling to third parties, give the brand the chance to be a value-added distributor for the network.

The company has constructed a marketing campaign from both traditional and digital techniques, which they combine to effectively find and bring in new clients. On the traditional front, they attend networking events and trade shows, as well as host Lunch and Learns, letting them appeal to business owners who may not prefer the online sphere. Their digital marketing uses social media, SEO, and a detailed cybersecurity and storage blog on their website, taking advantage of the popularity of organic advertising. They operate off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and their email database now has over 20,000 clients, giving them a wide audience for their newsletter. These efforts have made it easy for them to consistently find new customers and have given them an average of over 44,690 visitors to their website every month.

They employ two full-time staff members and regularly work with a commissioned salesperson, a project-based technical writer, and a webmaster to keep operations running smoothly. Alongside these well-trained employees, the current owner is willing to stay involved post-transition for several years to help the buyer, assisting them with the highly technical nature of the brand, and allowing them to better seize growth opportunities and concentrate on operational management. The glowing reputation of the business would open the door to partnering with cloud and managed service providers to grow, and by adding new SKUs and services like data infrastructure, they could quickly grow into an even larger name.

Other avenues for growth include, but aren’t limited to, combining servers with their existing offerings, selling other brands as bundled solutions, investing in Google PPC, and hiring additional tech engineers to allow for more rapid hardware manufacturing. The company has already acquired their hardware contract and has taken several leaps forward by launching a new line of all-flash products and completing several big projects with the US Navy, VCU Health, and more. A seasoned, well-regarded company, this acquisition isn’t one to be filed away.

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Asking Price
$ 5,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,317,144
Gross Income
$ 3,290,307
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