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SBA Pre-Qualified Web Design, Development, Managed Service & Digital Marketing Agency for the Professional Services Industry – 34% YOY Growth – 27 Years in Business – 52% Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents a brand-driven web design and digital marketing business that has stood the test of time and continues to grow. The agency deeply understands how invested its clients are in what they do. They encourage all clients to share their passion and let the experienced team tell a brand’s story on the web as it deserves to be told—with thoughtful elegance, across all devices and channels.

In the broadest terms, services fall into six categories. Best-sellers include:

SAAS-Based Website Work

The agency created a system that satisfies the highest standards for quality and performance in a future-proof platform to anticipate the marketing needs of small to medium-sized law firms and AMLAW top-200 firms. It provides a robust speed-to-market solution for thought leadership and foreign language microsite initiatives.

After the successful project, a website service with a subscription model was created with professional services firms of similar sizes in mind. The quality gap between low-cost, generic online items and expensive custom websites was finally closed by this service. It offers an agency-quality design, a wide range of features, and strong content management tools at a fraction of the price of a comparable custom website.

Website Design & Development

The agency’s main competency—the foundation upon which all other competencies are built—is creating captivating and thoughtful web-based user experiences. The web development team has the knowledge and expertise to carry out any desired design experience. The approach to development that is open and adaptable enables quick deployment, greater evolution through time, and optimal return on investment.

Digital Marketing

Leadership approaches digital marketing in a purely honest, open, and value-driven manner. This has swiftly emerged as a much-appreciated substitute for regular SEO interaction. Utilizing tried-and-true techniques that encourage professionalism and honesty, the firm collaborates with its customers to achieve genuine and quantifiable outcomes across digital and social platforms.

Consulting & Strategy

Technology projects have the potential for success or failure even before they start. A desirable conclusion can only be achieved with the help of sound reasoning, open communication, buy-in, planning, and resources. A project will always be more successful when partnering with a proficient group that listens closely, asks the right and occasionally challenging questions, and has experience in the relevant area.

The typical customers are professional services firms, particularly law firms, of any size. The agency used to focus more on the major firms but has lucratively trended towards small-to-middle market variations in recent years. Most contracts involve a combination of once-off and ongoing services. An initial up-front investment by clients is required for things like setup, design, build, and strategy. From there, ongoing services like hosting, service retainers, and digital marketing management are generally utilized.

The contractual obligation is one year on most custom contracts, two years on SaaS, and four to six months on social media and SEO campaigns. The proof is in the pudding, and clients typically stay with the business for a decade, while double that is not uncommon. The longest-standing continuous account still under management is 24 years.

Pricing varies significantly across a whole spectrum of engagement types. However, the team regularly executes projects ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. On a T&M basis, rates range from $150 to $250 per hour.

The owner has identified two major growth tracks:

The first is extracting the untapped value from the existing client base via a significant expansion of offerings in SEO, social media management, content development, and outsourced marketing department agency services. Clients thoroughly enjoy working with the team and will hire them to do just about anything if presented with new lines of service with the same care and quality as they have been accustomed to.

The second is via designing and deploying an effective marketing engine to drive new client acquisition. As a result of a reputation for high quality and working with clients of all sizes, there is a considerable prospect pool for all services compared to alternative agencies with higher minimums. Even for prospects who have never heard of the company, the existing client roster and references are recognizable and provide instant credibility.

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