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SBA Prequalified Amazon eCommerce Business in the Gourmet Foods Vertical – 12 Years in Business – Strong YOY Growth – In-House & 3rd Party Brand Products


Website Closers® presents an SBA-Prequalified, Amazon eCommerce Business in the Gourmet Foods Vertical. This 12-year-old business sells a wide variety of jerky, meat snacks, seasonings, and hot sauces.  With 500+ SKUs and growing, Amazon amounts to 90% of sales mix with 48% FBA and 42% FBM.   They sell their own brand of products as well as the products of 20+ other brands through very close distribution relationships that have taken many years to build. This well-established business is the one-stop shop for tasty barbeque and wild game jerky and has the right ingredients for scale. The sustaining history of being in business for over a decade, the demand from the market, and the genuine quality of the market’s best snacks and condiments will make the new buyer’s mouth water at the prospect of acquiring this business, not just for the ongoing cash flow at 20% net margins, but more importantly, to learn from a highly experienced professional how to properly sell products on the Amazon marketplace … the latter of which is worth millions by itself.

As noted above, this company has gone through a rigorous review and achieved SBA Prequalification. While this is a not a complete diligence process by an underwriter, it’s an introductory review by banking partners that informs on the foundation of the company and whether one of Website Closers’ lending partners would entertain underwriting the deal. This means that a Qualified Buyer could potentially purchase this business for as little as 10% down, amortized over 10 years … all at historically low interest rates.

Since being launched in 2010, the company has grown an average of 20% year over year, achieving sales in excess of $1 million in the last 12 months. Over the past 12 years the company has maintained an enviable 99% Lifetime Seller Rating on their Amazon platform, where most of their sales are conducted.

This company presents an abundance of flavor, quality meat, and succulent tastes that will enable the new buyer to thrive in the meat snack market! Best of all, every meat snack product is sourced in the US! Among its large selection of 500+ SKUS now being offered, this company proudly highlights its collection of wild game jerky because of its 100% authenticity. From pure ostrich and kangaroo to python and shark meats, this business offers game that few others offer under one eCommerce roof.

The company also creates assortments of jerky as gift packs and variety packs that appeal to different cravings and tastes.  The company even offers vegan jerky that is irresistible and has expanded their sales among those who live the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Smoked, 12-hour cooked meat sticks are offered in a variety of flavors as well, and that’s just by one line of specialty food products that this company sells. An assortment pack full of premium, exotic meat that comes in a reusable burlap pack is also available, and this is a great example of a product that has become increasingly popular as a gift item!

Every kind of popular hot sauce is offered through this business: Steak sauces, barbeque sauces, hot and flavor-filled sauces, Salsas and more, designed to make any barbeque picnic the place to be for lunch and dinner. The brand also markets 15 seasonings and rubs that rival the taste of prominent steakhouses nationwide, all ready to be purchased at affordable prices.

Their customer base is expanding rapidly, and their foods are now being purchased by, or as gifts for, campers, lumberjacks, fitness enthusiasts, and many others. Their customer demographics are impressive: Men and women alike, of all age groups, with women customers buying these products as gifts for men now making up a significant share of the customer base. The target market is now spending on average $28 per order.

Sales remain high throughout the year, and the only seasonal factor is that profits heightened during the holiday season, which garners 44% of sales for the year.

Every food product being offered by this enterprise has been sampled and approved by the company. With a strong desire to keep in line with offering gourmet foods for purchase, this company is careful in deciding what will get added to their SKUs. If a product has a good taste and is approved, the company rolls it out during a small test run.

If the product sells well, then the product will be sold in larger quantities.

This is an easy company to operate business. Outside of having basic internet knowledge, the new owner does not need to know much more to effectively run the business. There are no employees on the payroll, however, the owners have senior citizens happily working on a part-time basis to package products for fulfilling customer orders that are placed on Amazon. The company has no contracts with 3PLs, saving plenty of capital on operations.

The current owners each spend about 25 hours per week on the business (which includes operating the retail store). However, the retail store can be eliminated as it generates less than 6% of overall sales.  That means the new owner can spend precious time with other important areas of their life.

Over the years, Amazon has become the prominent selling platform for the company. Over 90% of the company’s sales are made on Amazon, with 48.3% shipped via FBA and the other 41.7% of those orders being processed by the company.

Expanding B2B sales won’t be difficult for a new owner. The brand that makes most of Amazon’s sales has agreed to transfer any distributorship to a new location, relocating the business to wherever the new owner wants it as business remains fluid during the process! The company has developed strong relationships with other wholesalers, ensuring that business won’t slow down anytime soon. As marked by Amazon and these relationships, the business is determined to deliver the goods on time and with integrity.

This company brings the most savory, tasteful, and mouthwatering foods to barbeque lovers across the US and the proof is in the pudding: Profiting sales, net income growth, a great standing with Amazon, and the 12 years of success.

Call Website Closers® today and a broker will tell you how you can buy this successful business!

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Asking Price
$ 395,000
Cash Flow
$ 205,834
Gross Income
$ 1,004,288
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