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SBA Prequalified Web Design & Development Firm Focused on the Professional Services Industry – 55% Annual Recurring Revenue – 1.5% Churn Rate – Almost 3 Decades in Business


Website Closers® presents a powerful, well-established veteran of the digital marketing industry. This 26-year-old agency provides its clients with best practices in web design and branding in a variety of Professional Service Industries. They had a low churn rate of only 1.5% in 2021 and this is pretty consistent across the client spectrum as many of their clients have been working with them for 10 to 15 years. Today, 55% of their total annual revenue is recurring. Most of the company’s growth has developed through word-of-mouth advertising from their current client base, their immaculate reputation, and the past websites that they have designed for their clients … which they often showcase on their own site.

A big value proposition for this firm is their SaaS Marketing Tool, which was created with Attorneys and other small to medium sized Professional Service Providers in mind. Their tool serves as a middle ground between more expensive, custom-built website development, and cheaper, but ultimately generic, options on the market. Not only are the brand’s services affordable to many professional services businesses, but they also provide agency-quality design, customization, and content management capabilities. The service they provide is subscription-based, meaning that a client can stay on for as little or as long as they would like, letting them more comfortably pick an option that best suits their needs and budget.

Professional website design services have become especially valuable in recent years, with companies across a wide variety of markets benefiting from an appealing, easy-to-use platform to operate from. A high-quality website can not only help generate leads, but boost a business’ branding and image above those of their competitors, making them necessary for any company operating online. In 2021, it was reported that over 5 billion people around the world used the internet, and that about 3.1 billion used social media. Additionally, Google averages roughly 40,000 searches per second, which quickly adds up to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide every year. A well-designed website can take advantage of the scores of users that can be found every single day, to the point that going without is highly detrimental to the growth of a business.

The company is able to use its nearly 3 Decades of experience within the market to offer 9 outstanding hosting, creative design, and consulting services. Leading national and international firms can be found among their client base, having been brought in and maintained through the brand’s fine-tuned strategies, services, and operations.

Across the span of their lifetime, the company has developed an array of desirable services, which include digital marketing support, web development, brand and product strategy, and UX/UI design. Their marketing support is very beneficial for a broad spectrum of different businesses and industries, whether they’re law firms of any size, tourism and hospitality, non-profit, or general corporate. Their years in the field have also made them the foremost experts in thought leadership, and information-as-a-service microsites.

The agency has 130 clients, with most having been with them for over a decade. Their contracts can be a one-time service, ongoing service, or a combination of the two to suit a client’s preferences, with many customers who initially signed up for web design making the decision to stay on for long-term hosting and consulting. Their pricing has ranged anywhere from as low as $1,000, to as high as over $100,000.

All of the company’s services receive a decent amount of interest making for a nice mix within the suite of offerings. Their custom website development makes up for 20% of their total revenue, while their SaaS-based website work generates a healthy 40%. Additionally, 72% of this website work is recurring, creating a steady stream of profit throughout the year. By crafting this platform specifically for small and mid-size firms, they grew overwhelmingly popular with firms who want the high-quality websites and best-in-class features that pricier brands offer, but aren’t able to afford at their current size.

The company initially targeted the largest law firms, but upon realizing the wealth of opportunities that could be found by selling to smaller businesses, they adjusted their model to favor those clients. They have trended towards those firms in recent years, and have seen ample amounts of success because of it.

They consistently work to improve and upgrade the SaaS platform, to keep their loyal clients coming back, and encourage potential customers to choose them over their competitors. The company has recently deployed a new front-end framework for this purpose, which allows them more design flexibility, creates a “semi-custom approach” that can more easily let sites evolve and change to suit the client’s needs, and fall within a new price point “sweet spot” between their base SaaS setups and their more expensive fully-custom products.

The number of referrals that they receive has helped the company with a strong rate of organic traffic, and has become their best channel for attracting new customers. They post examples of completed web designs on their site, which they then link to their clients’ pages. Many clients also let the agency show a credit and link to the business in the footers of their website, which let new customers look at the company’s previous work before they sign up. They also receive great word-of-mouth advertising through both their colleagues and their clients, with past clients regularly returning to use their services.

The company sees over 2,000 unique monthly visitors to their website thanks to their current strategy. Given their exceptionally high rate of organic traffic, the brand could more fully develop its client base by creating a digital marketing strategy. Some possible ideas include, but aren’t limited to, a social media campaign, email marketing strategies like newsletters, and thought leadership initiatives such as webinars, speaking engagements, and earned media.

Alternatively, they could also invest in PPC on platforms like Google and Facebook, which are heavily frequented, and could broadcast the company to many new possible clients. As the company has years of experience in the field of marketing, they could easily and effectively use their skills to take their brand to new heights.

The backbone of the agency is their team of five full-time employees, which are made up of a senior architect and tech lead, a designer, a director of design and development, and an account manager. The current owner has also put together a capable overflow team consisting of strategists, designers, writers, developers, animators, and video/audio specialists, who are brought in during seasons that are too busy for the main team to handle on their own. These resources are not only affordable, but proven, and have helped make the company as successful as it is now.

As they’re one of the leading providers in the North America for web design, development, and hosting services, they are the source of many of the best practice standards not just in their region, but globally, as well. Because of this, their clients include some of the most well-known and reputable firms in the world.

This acquisition is a seasoned, trusted provider in its field, and one with a promising future ahead of it. They have a solid team, an impeccable reputation, and prominent clients that have been loyal for years.

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