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SBA Qualified 17 Year Seasoned Pet Safety & Protection Company – 3 Brands – eCommerce Sales Channels across 4 Shopify Websites and – 27% Repeat Order Rate – Multiple Patents in Place


Website Closers® presents a thriving, SBA pre-qualified eCommerce business that’s developed a special place in the highly lucrative field of Pet Safety & Care. Their unique and proprietary offerings, a specially designed outdoor fencing system, have become a big hit with committed pet lovers eager to keep their pets safe throughout the day. The company’s fencing systems have drawn lavish praise from satisfied customers because of how practical they are – and effective. It’s easy for a buyer to install one or more of these fences at their home, either as a free-standing fence or an addition to an existing fence or wall. Best of all, these fences are cat-proof, meaning the loved family cat can’t easily jump over the fence, diluting its effectiveness.

What is special about this business – beyond the high repeat order rates, super high net margins, 17 years of proven sales and a large amount of Intellectual Property Protections – is the fact that our lending partners are willing to underwrite this for a Qualified Buyer to purchase this business with as little as 10% down, amortize the loan over 10 years, all at highly competitive interest rates. Let us know if this is interesting to you as a buyer.

Having an entirely specialized and fully branded product has given this company a major advantage in the tremendously profitable field of pet care, which is now valued at $55 billion and growing rapidly. The industry is entirely recession proof because people cherish their pets and are willing to spend a considerable amount of their disposable income on a wide variety of pet care products, which has sent this industry’s profits soaring. Consider that an estimated 68 million American homes, or 54% of all households, have at least one pet. That’s made the pet industry an enormous one worldwide, and any business that successfully caters to these customers is guaranteed of major success. This brand is the perfect example of that.

The business was launched 17 years ago with a simple but very shrewd concept: how could pet owners protects their pets when they’re outdoors? What they developed was a cat fence enclosure system for homeowners. The company quickly discovered that people were quite eager to purchase the fences if they could provide not just protection for their cats but, more importantly, peace of mind when they’re not home. 

Systems for fencing modification, freestanding fencing, portable containments and modular full enclosures were the main product offerings in the beginning, and the organization now offers 3 brands. The company also markets a lot of pet accessories, so their SKUs have jumped to more than 500 products, with high Average Order Values across the board. Their cat fence systems and fence conversion systems quickly become best sellers, with sales that remain vibrant year-round. That’s an important trend for the company. When they first launched, most sales occurred in the warm weather months, with orders coming in between March and September. Now sales are more evenly spread throughout the year, a sign of how popular their SKUs have become. Sales are robust even in the winter months, and the company averages 14 shipments per day. Sales are conducted globally, and the brand is now enjoying 56% gross margins in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Sales are so strong, in fact, that they now have 4 separate eCommerce domains from which to market their products, in both the U.S. and the UK. Those multiple sales channels include not only those four Shopify websites but more recently Amazon, which now represents 6% of sales (this can be far more fully developed). The company has also been approved for sales on Walmart. 

 This brand has excellent customer demographics. Their typical customer is between the ages of 35 and 70, middle class to affluent, and shares a devotion to their pets. A robust 27% of sales come from repeat customers, so that their average customer lifetime value is $1,082. That’s helped boost the brand through a vibrant word of mouth advertising from glowing customer reviews. Those testimonials come not just after DTC sales, but also from cat rescue agencies and pet shelters, which are a rising part of their sales.

How did this company build up such a passionate customer base? Their marketing efforts, particularly their social media presence, has been a significant aspect of that. The brand has efficiently used social media to expand their customer base by posting photos of family pets secured behind their fences. Those pictures speak volumes to their customers and have helped drive sales exponentially. They have 48,000 Facebook followers. Videos introducing customers to their company and products have also been highly effective in expanding the customer base. The brand also uses PPC ads on Google and Bing to boost sales and has a massive email database of 14,000+ subscribers for their email marketing plan. In addition to their pet-friendly posts on Facebook and Instagram, affiliate campaigns are successfully employed on their social media sites.

With nearly 20 years of experience attracting customers, this company has some impressive growth potential. Profits could be increased by introducing new products, something the brand is already working on, with four new products in the design phase,  expected to be launched next spring. With sales remaining strong thanks to word-of-mouth advertising alone, it would be easy to upsell new products to existing buyers.

New marketing programs could help the company as well. That would include expanding their successful affiliate programs to include bloggers and top influencers, increasing their ad spend on Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and putting more listings on Amazon.

This brand could also put a stronger emphasis on B2B sales. There are enormous opportunities to market as a wholesale program selling individual fencing materials to installers, contractors and DIY businesses. There are similarly strong opportunities by targeting sales to major pet retailers such as Petco, PetSmart and Chewy, and by focusing on attracting sales from businesses that operate in the fencing industry, including supply chains focused on garden fencing and deer fencing.

The future of any business that caters to pet owners is a bright one. Retail sales of pet products and services reached $107 billion in 2020, while the global pet care market is projected to hit $269 billion by 2025. Pet owners want the best for their cherished cat or dog, and this company enjoys a huge advantage because their original products can’t be found anywhere else. That’s why they’ve become a clear leader in the niche field of pet safety products.

For a buyer, it’s an opportunity to take this business to a considerably higher level of profitability in an evergreen industry.

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$ 6,000,000
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$ 3,391,130
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