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Scaling Affiliate Network – Matches Publishers & Advertisers for Home Service, Insurance, Medicare, Mass Tort & Subprime Offers


Website Closers® presents a scaling Performance Marketing Affiliate Network focused on Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) marketing. This model of performance marketing is in high demand for a large number product and service-based companies. The network does exceptionally well generating leads within the home services, insurance, Medicare, mass tort, and subprime segments. Founded by an experienced professional in the niche, this Affiliate Network matches Advertisers with Publishers aiming to achieve the highest CPA rates possible.

As the digital marketing industry exploded in the late 890s and early 2000s, it became exceedingly difficult for publishers and advertisers to manage the buying and selling of ad inventory. Ad networks brought order to this chaos by routing transactions through them.

This business is an Ad Network, not an Ad Exchange … they produce results, hit advertiser KPIs, and have real publishers. Ad Exchanges are usually big platforms with very low-quality traffic. The company9s direct offers, faster payment terms, and unique advertorials are all methods the owner has used to increase publishers and traffic for the platform. Standard publisher agreements exist, and payment terms vary. Some are paid weekly, and others are paid monthly, which has been purposefully balanced to maintain and protect cash flow.

The business currently has 78 advertisers, and payments are received either weekly or monthly. Advertisers do not require much communication once the offers are dialed in. They pay on time and only reach out if something is needed, for example, to let the company know an offer is pausing for a holiday, if an offer is capping, or if they have a new offer to test. All communication is online.

Trust has been a primary factor that has been attributed to the growth of this business. Advertisers must trust the network to deliver high-quality and high-volume traffic, and publishers must trust the network to get them what they need and meet promised payment terms. The company has achieved this and built strong relationships. Subsequently, these business relationships have led to introductions to more trusted publishers.

The company helps advertisers create winning offers for their products, then distributes them to publishers who effectively manage the campaigns. Their platform has brought in strong, growing sales since inception and shows no signs of slowing down.

A CPA network is a platform connecting business affiliates who wish to promote their products. So, it involves an affiliate who desires to make money by promoting products and the advertiser who wants his products promoted. There are several CPA networks to choose from, each offering unique features and competitive pay rates. Some platforms have expert affiliate managers to extend support. Advertisers and affiliates need to choose a reputable and reliable network that aligns with their business needs.

The CPA marketing model involves:
► Affiliate or Publisher: The blogger/ brand/ business that promotes a product or a company to drive traffic to the website and make a specific conversion
► Business or Advertiser: The brand that partners with an affiliate to drive traffic to the website to enhance sales, boost conversions, or generate leads
► CPA Network: The platform connecting the affiliate and the advertiser

The primary benefits of CPA marketing are:
► It’s very low risk
► You need not pay for traffic that does not convert as you pay after the sale
► It offers a high ROI
► Expands marketing reach as it provides scale and distribution

The owners work on average 10 – 20 hours weekly on the business and focus primarily on:
► Managing all affiliates and advertisers
► Overseeing all accounting (accounts payable and receivable)
► Business development
► Guiding support team on offers to load

This acquisition is ideal for a buyer who is capable of multi-tasking, has strong organizational skills, and possesses the ability to manage many working relationships. No office space is necessary and as a result the company can be run from just about anywhere in the world. With a larger team or owner able to devote more time to the network, expanding it would be easily attainable. A buyer can easily double or triple the existing network just by increasing traffic and adding both international and adult advertisers and publishers.

This brand has built its success on marrying the wants and needs of advertisers and publishers, creating a smooth and efficient operating relationship that shows results. The track record and financials demonstrate that this business fully understands how to do that.

This Digital Company is Represented by:

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 2771

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 677,763
Gross Income
$ 4,616,245
Year Established