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Scaling eCommerce Brand and Manufacturing Plant in the Adjustable Bed, Mattress & Bedding Accessories Vertical


Website Closers® presents an enormously, super high growth Bed and Bedding eCommerce business that has grown so quickly over the last 5 years that the company now has 40 of its own, fully branded SKUs that have become industry leaders here in the United States. Not one to sleep on any opportunity, this industry pillar is launching its own Manufacturing Facility this summer, which is expected to allow this thriving business to produce more than 35-40% of all future products, in-house.

While the eCommerce part of this business continues to thrive, on the manufacturing side, all equipment has been purchased, and the raw materials are on their way to the facility. Guaranteeing product exclusivity, the best possible inventory rates, and reliable supply streams, this expansion into manufacturing helps to increase profit margins while stabilizing the supply and logistics arm of the business. Even though the company’s growth rate is phenomenal, it could have been far better had supply not been constrained over the last 18-24 months – with the advent of manufacturing in-house, this issue will deteriorate, while increasing margins and opening up new opportunities not just for in-house SKUs, but for providing white label manufacturing services to 3rd parties.

Thriving and evergreen in need, this company has been cleverly situated at the center of a truly unshakable market: home bedding and mattresses. Specializing in luxury beds and frames that allow for incredible customization in incomparable style, this company has seen tremendous sales throughout the US alone and could flourish dramatically with the introduction of international channels.

A proven and leading competitor in this niche and growing field, this business has innumerable opportunities for growth. By expanding SKU options and styles, this company could effectively capitalize on their current audience while creating a wider appeal. Additionally, enhancing the brand’s online presence through more of a lifestyle take could improve loyalty and engage more qualified leads. This could be accomplished through sleep tips, blogging, and the creation of video content for Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to further their scaling brand awareness. Other powerful paths include improving their current tactics such as email marketing and search optimization to generate unfathomable web traffic.

Sourcing its uniquely branded products from all across the world, with raw materials stocked from a vast array of vendors, this 5-year established company has operated without a hitch throughout its highly profitable history. With a deep understanding of the bedding industry’s luxury growth pattern, they quickly began developing their own adjustable SKUs which have since become a key driver of their overall sales and success. Quality, reliability, and phenomenal customer service has led to tremendous word of mouth growth that could be powerfully harnessed for continued scale across the globe.

Selling both on Amazon and through its own Shopify Website, this well-received brand has earned an unrivaled Amazon Standing along with an average rate of 72,000+ monthly visitors to the website. These impressive numbers are translating directly into big sales, and their manufacturing facility will soon be ready to turn out new orders.  That presents a buyer with a unique opportunity to grow this company very quickly in a multitude of different directions. Those options include diversifying the SKUs to attract an even larger customer base, expanding the social media marketing campaigns to include use of creative video advertising, ramping up manufacturing to take in a higher level of new orders, add 3rd party brands to the manufacturing element of the business, expand internationally, and more.

Reaching never-dreamed-of sales rates, this business has achieved a lucrative average order value of $1,807, leading the company to continue extending its product lines. Starting with just 5 models of adjustable beds and 3 lines of mattresses, this business’ success has enabled them to broaden their scope significantly to include thousands of products.

This highly diverse product line has enabled the company to reach a wide and fast-growing customer base. The company now has more than 7,000 addresses in its email database, numbers that keep growing as their effective use of PPC ads on Amazon, Facebook and Google have helped drive traffic.

The current owners now spend a considerable amount of time operating this business. Their responsibilities center on managing their large team and focusing on forecasting. The company has 16 full time workers. That includes a director of manufacturing, director of catalog, warehouse manager, director of logistics, customer experience manager, IT director, sales manager, controller, customer experience associate, logistics scheduler, and warehouse associate.

The company now ships an average of 35+ products a day, and they maintain a 60-day level of  inventory in stock. Leveraging a stock method along with a distribution center at their disposal, this company has been able to quickly and efficiently ship all products across the U.S. New orders are placed weekly from suppliers that are now located in eight countries, including Thailand, China, India, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, and the U.S.

Receiving 150+ customer service contacts per day, this brand has become well known for their effective and efficient framework. Once orders are received, their suppliers will often ship directly to the Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse.  The company’s own manufacturing and assembly operation is expected to be in use by either August or September of 2021 and is projected to process up to 35%+ of their future orders.

So far, this brand’s marketing efforts have focused on PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Employing an SEO program that includes a backlink strategy and use of affiliate influencers, they have gained a massive market share. The company not only has that hefty email database of 7,000+, but also gets 72,000+ monthly visitors on its Amazon site and 45,000+ monthly visitors to its Shopify website.

The company could also expand its manufacturing efforts, emphasizing their new and convenient advantages. Additionally, expanding purchasing channels onto international Amazon stores may drive staggering results.

This company has done exceptionally well, increasing their SKUs substantially, attracting highly enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, and effectively using PPC ads and SEO to build a thriving customer base. Orders have been so high that the company needed to create its own manufacturing facility just to keep up – a clear sign of their phenomenal success. A new owner has an opportunity to enjoy the steady sales this business now brings in, and to scale quickly to new heights of profitability.

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$ 40,000,000
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$ 5,415,717
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