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Scaling eCommerce Brand in the Art Supplies Segment – eCommerce Retailer – Amazon FBA


This opportunity is a trademarked brand taking Amazon by storm. Currently holding three ranking spots within Amazon’s top 20, this high quality – mid priced – low SKU brand is seeing astronomical YOY growth in the well-established Art Supplies Vertical. More than 70% of consumers reportedly shop at Amazon for Art Supplies. This is a happy niche that has seen success with all products and is predicting equally high expectations on their in-queue launches. This is a 100% stock FBA business with extremely reliable suppliers, and a hugely loyal social media fanbase. Perfect as a bolt-on to an existing art brand, or with plenty of opportunity to grow their own brand through product expansion and big box retailers, this is a prime opportunity.

This target has a thoughtfully designed and elegantly executed inventory of 6 sets of colored pencils for adult coloring. Specifically designed with the health benefits in mind for people with conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, etc. these pencil sets are priced to be middle of the road ($15.00 average), but are constantly ranked with top end brands. Artfully designed, uniquely named, and presented in a professional grade tin box, these are stand out art supplies that are immediately identifiable as being of the brand.  This has led to enormous curiosity and a cult following on social media – which has in turn led to incredible sales which are only going up each year.  Sold in several countries throughout the U.S., Europe, and Australia, the brand has a dedicated manufacturer to meet all needs (metal tins, cardboard sleeves, wax cores, etc.). All inventory is 100% stock only, shipped in bulk direct from manufacturer to FBA facilities worldwide. Fully transportable, all that’s really required would be a small home office space. Amazon accounts for 95% of sales, with the other 5% being retail in Australia. The Amazon rating is 98% Positive 5 Stars 489 Ratings (Amazon USA), making this an easy brand to scale up and generate excitement about new SKU’s. This is a part time business – current owners spending around 20 hours per week, with any scaling endeavors obviously requiring a time investment.

Sales have to be seen to believed. Numbers for 2018/2019 compared to 2019/2020 have increased by 120% with an expected annual growth of 50/70% increase when more products are added. The business is currently in a new release stage with a new 48pc pencil set. There is a huge buzz among the fan base about this summer 2020 release, which supports current projections of even more growth.

Marketing has been centered on PPC and sponsored ads, with exciting results through social media. Facebook and reviews (including influencers that have done YouTube videos) have really caused people to embrace the brand, creating a fantastic and thriving social media presence.

Any new SKU’s, introduction of larger sets, or one complete pencil set comprising the entire pencil range, is certain to be met with excitement by the fan base, and a huge jump in revenue. Additionally, pushing the product to sites like Etsy, Walmart, and eBay is a no brainer. This is a great one to step into!

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Listing ID:  WC2056


Asking Price
$ 2,983,292
Cash Flow
$ 745,823
Gross Income
$ 1,670,000
Year Established