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Scaling eCommerce Brand in the Art Supplies Vertical – 100% Amazon FBA – Strong Social Following – Operating in 12 Countries


Website Closers® presents a colorful and creative, high flying brand that has absolutely taken over by storm … offering vibrant Art Supplies in every color of the rainbow. With offerings spanning Pencils, Paints, Pens, and Paper, this vast eCommerce Company sports an array of highly reviewed products that has earned them multiple Amazon choice badges for the keywords associated with the vertical.

The company has a strong base of loyal customers and an invaluable 4.9 Amazon Seller Rating. Carrying a lucrative following of more than 10,800 Instagram followers and 12,400+ Facebook followers, this engaging business drives reliable, ever-growing revenue with a true brand – something that is sometimes lacking on the Amazon platform. Recently branching into Canadian markets as well as Art Education to bring in and retain a wide breadth of consumers and B2B clients, this Internet company is actively scaling with limitless opportunity for development on and off Amazon.

Operating in more than 12 countries around the globe, this strategic investment is a highly regarded Arts Supplier with phenomenal reach, reliability, and recurring customers. A wildly booming category, arts and other crafting supplies have shown unparalleled growth throughout the pandemic and are expected to continue rising throughout the foreseeable future.

Ranking as a Top Art Supplier for mid-range use, this company has released over 30 exclusive SKUs and has 15 more products loaded up and ready to launch this year. Planning for prodigious growth in 2021, this brand is also currently developing 30-50 products for the 2022 season as well. Other ongoing growth initiatives for this business include a recent contract with Walmart, a Canadian sales build out, the development of an Art Course, and YouTube channel devoted to Art and Creativity. An incoming owner focused on scale could extend these campaigns through wholesale development, extended sales further to include Japan, Australia, and India, and further social media enhancement.

Already popular on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, this brand could scale effectively with the addition of TikTok and YouTube marketing. Recently beginning their YouTube channel, this company has begun delving into art education which is sure to bring brand awareness and customer loyalty with it, not to mention demand from B2B customers, which tend to repeat buy. Additionally, creating a TikTok presence could appeal vastly to the younger and more artistic community.

Selling all products white label through Amazon, their own website, Walmart, and international Amazon storefronts, this company has established itself as a go-to source for beginner, amateur, and young professional artists across the globe. Leveraging their own 3PL in conjunction with Amazon FBA, this highly rated seller has been able to offer all their products on Amazon Prime in addition to repurposing offerings in themed packs and bundles. With vendor relationships crafted over more than 7 years, this brand carries enviable terms that are well positioned for vast and rapid scale.

Dedicating 40 hours per week to this brand, current ownership is responsible for overall strategy and vison, new product development and selection, marketing campaign oversight, departmental supervision, vendor coordination, HR, bookkeeping, and minor day to day tasks. This list could be minimized for a new owner by hiring a business development specialist or a VA. At the moment, this brand’s skilled team consists of 7 full time and 4 part time members who manage operations, inventory management, eCommerce development, channel monitoring, data upkeep, business support, and customer service. A long-standing and highly effective staff, this company is strategically designed for effective growth and reliable operations.

A highly competitive offering in the evergreen industry of art supplies and home crafts, this acquisition is a top ranked, international provider of colored pencils, art pencils, gel pens, paint pens, acrylics, watercolor, art paper, and more. Standing with more than 23,000 social media followers and a staggering 60,000+ Amazon Product Reviews on their US storefront alone, this unparalleled opportunity is actively growing with monumentally promising initiatives already in place. A brand known for quality and integrity worldwide, this is a life-changing opportunity for any capable buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2244

Asking Price
$ 35,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 7,032,789
Gross Income
$ 38,015,014
Year Established