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Scaling eCommerce Brand in the High Growth Crystals, Polished Rocks & Geodes Sector – an Etsy Best Seller


Website Closers® presents an Etsy Best Seller, this brand sells polished rocks, raw crystals, geodes, and crystal jewelry that has resulted in a 5 Star Account with nothing but open roads ahead of it. With more than 55,000 Etsy sales and 11,500 shop followers, this eCommerce Retailer has developed a strong following on Etsy that can be further developed on other online sales channels. Having capped sales capacity this year due to COVID, the storefront still saw a dramatic YOY sales increase that bodes well for the long-term sustainability of this brand.

Earning an average order value of $31 along with more than 125 individual SKUs, this company has developed into a highly streamlined and strong cash flowing offering. This strategic offering could be swiftly grown with the diversification of sales channels using Amazon, both domestically and internationally, enhancing their Shopify Store, and improved marketing techniques. Stable as the stones they sell, this offering is earning fantastic sales with remarkable margins through minimal marketing and strategic listing placements. Positioned for growth, this is a phenomenal acquisition.

According to Bloomberg, there is more demand for Crystals than Diamonds at the moment. The “near gemstones” industry as it is called is a $1 Billion-plus industry. Virtually every Los Angeles-based celebrity you’ve heard of keeps them, whether Kate Hudson’s amethyst chunks credited with healing properties for emotional distress and issues with the nervous system, Adele’s performance-anxiety reducing crystals, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s rose quartz, which some believe promotes harmony and love. Victoria Beckham (black obsidian), Bella Hadid (blue celestites), and Kylie Jenner are fans. Kim Kardashian named her perfume collection Crystal Gardenia.

The market was strong before Covid-19 and remains unaffected. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to dent the $76 Billion Diamond industry (as of 2018) by 20%, but the value of near-gemstones such as quartz, amethyst, citrine, and malachite is holding steady.

Devoting a maximum of 20 hours to this brand each week, current ownership handles employee management, inventory ordering, and customer service. With a skilled team of 2 part time workers, this company operates with an online order fulfillment associate as well as a shipment helper to consistently send out an average of 60 orders daily in the timely and effective manner. This order fulfillment efficiency has earned them an impeccable brand standing on Etsy.

Sourcing all products from a US vendor with a history of high quality, this relationship can be further expanded  to drive growth in product offerings. Additionally, investing in growth strategies would be  no-brainer for this already successful brand, including digital marketing initiatives such as paid media, SEO development, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and thought leadership. This is a highly visual brand that appeals to geology hobbyists, spiritual crystal collectors, and polished rock enthusiasts alike to form a strong niche following that love to read about and look at rocks while engaging with their favorite brands.

Offering a fully established rock and crystal brand with 125+ built out SKUs and plenty more in the pipeline, this company is ready to scale in the coming year. Due to COVID and other obligations, much of this company’s infrastructure was paused this past year and they still saw jaw dropping revenue and sales growth. Breathing new life into those branches and creating a more aggressive marketing strategy, the new owner could turn this incredible business into an incomparable industry leader in an industry that is absolutely blowing up. A highly promising investment that stands on a strategically built foundation, we recommend that you jump on this quickly as it will not stay on the market for long.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Tech, Internet & Etsy Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2225

Asking Price
$ 783,000
Cash Flow
$ 240,999
Gross Income
$ 527,536
Year Established