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Scaling eCommerce Brand offering Cryptocurrency Password Protection Devices – 85 Percent Organic Traffic – Website & Amazon Sales


Website Closers® presents a cutting-edge eCommerce company offering exclusive cryptocurrency private key security products via its Branded Website as well as the Marketplace. Providing a stainless-steel cold storage method for preserving private keys, this company has swiftly cornered the market in this powerful segment, and thus defining a tremendous portion of the booming global industry of cryptocurrency.

An educational leader for understanding more about all things crypto, cybersecurity, and online privacy, this eCommerce company drives an incredible following through its informative content which drives hardware sales. Those who have cryptocurrency or other forms of digital assets are the main customer base for this brand. Their products operate essentially as a form of insurance policy against fire, flood, electrical shock, or hackers, which could destroy the seed password needed to recover digital assets in any event. Supplying an array of effective high-tech storage solutions that back up their data, this company has made a name for themselves across the digital marketplace.

In an increasingly digital age, this is no small concern for millions of people. It is estimated that Coinbase has over 56 Million users on its platform alone. The brand has successfully marketed its security wallets to a fast-growing customer base that is projected to continue to grow as blockchain and crypto currency continues to take hold around the globe.

While their product is highly specialized, this is a business that would be quite easy to scale, using very traditional approaches, mostly related to smart digital marketing. Right now, over 85% of the company’s Website Traffic is organic … so adding smart paid media to drive increased traffic to their website is low hanging fruit, along with an affiliate and influencer marketing campaign that leverages influencers and affiliates in the crypto space to promote authority and brand awareness.

Since inception, this company’s focus has been on developing a series of offline security products to store and protect a users’ seed phrase – the series of words generated by a cryptocurrency wallet that gives the user access to the value associated with it – to back up their hardware wallet. Their products ensures that the seed phrase is not lost or destroyed so the funds can be recovered in the event of  digital wallet failure.

This product is compatible with every hardware and software crypto wallet on the market.  It supports BIP39 seeds, as well as WIF (wallet import format) and HEX (Hexadecimal) Private Keys.  Considering that hardware wallets can store millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency, this has quickly become a popular item within the bitcoin and crypto world. The company now markets two versions of this product and are working on bringing a third exclusive product to market. The new version will be a less expensive alternative where the user stamps the recovery phrase on a sheet of stainless steel. That product is in development; it’s inexpensive to produce and has the potential for massive margins.

This lucrative brand has developed a total of 16 SKUs, including a faraday bag used to protect electronics from being impacted by radio frequencies unlike bitcoin wallets, credit cards, and passwords, along with a mount that allows the stainless-steel wallet to be stored in hard-to-find places such as under a desk or inside the wall. The brand also sells a variety of hardware wallets. Their top product is now trademarked.

Sales are conducted on the brand’s Shopify website and their Amazon platform. Currently, 61% of sales are done on their own website, with 29% on Amazon. The brand has started to receive a growing number of impressive wholesale orders, which now represent 9.6% of their revenue, and that percentage is rising.

Those wholesale orders have become a crucial part of the company’s sharply increasing revenue. While the average order value of sales to individual customers is $164, their average bulk order is a whopping $5,248.

The company has demonstrated success in marketing their SKUs in various bundles. There are no seasonal trends to sales, which remain steady year-round. Their customer base tends to be professionals between the ages of 25-35, tech savvy, with high incomes and crypto in multiple wallets. Repeat customers now make up 12% of their sales, and their numbers are increasing.

The company stocks 100% of its SKUs, keeping close to two months’ worth of inventory on hand, and should benefit from increasing inventory now that they are experiencing a sharp uptick in demand.

Although the company has invested in PPC ads on Amazon, most of their web traffic has been organic. A key factor in that has been their SEO program, which enacts the effective use of keywords that boost their website on Google searches, and their blog which is updated regularly with informative and educational articles about digital assets and software wallets. This program has worked spectacularly well. The company now averages 117,000+ monthly visits to their website and had 136,470+ sessions in the past 30 days.

In a sure sign of how rapidly the crypto market is growing, the company now has an active email database of a whopping 11,780+ subscribers. They also leverage social media sites, with their largest number of followers, being 3,500+ Twitter.

The brand has some untapped marketing options available to them. They have not yet fully utilized an aggressive email marketing campaign. The company could also boost its presence on Facebook and use PPC ads on that popular social media site and on Google to expand traffic to their website.

The business’ social media sites could also be leveraged effectively for an influencer marketing campaign that recruits experts in the crypto field. The brand already benefits from glowing praise and 5 Star reviews from top names in this field, and influencer marketing represents a proven method for expanding the customer base.

On the retail side, the brand could also boost profitability by bundling more of their SKUs as part of their overall marketing strategy, including by bundling with other hardware wallets to increase sales.

This is a highly efficient business that requires only 10-12 hours per week of work from the current owners, who also handle incoming requests from resellers inquiring about bulk rates. They employ a virtual assistant who handles customer service inquiries, a developer who works on their website and an OPS assistant who is handling orders.

Crypto has clearly become the most interesting investment of the last decade. While Bitcoin was selling for less than a fraction of a penny in 2010, those who did invest have seen a seven to eight figure percentage return on those investments.

This brand has created an amazing SKU line that is increasingly considered to be essential for all Crypto currencies, which is exactly why they’ve seen such strong growth among Crypto investors. As this powerful field continues to get stronger, this brand will rise along with that tide, and it takes only a small but creative investment in digital marketing techniques to send profits soaring.

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