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Scaling eCommerce Brand – Unique Blend of Patriotic Apparel & Gear – Strong Social Following – 17% Repeat Orders – 24% SDE Margin – 11 Amazon Marketplaces


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce Brand, demonstrating excellent top and bottom-line growth. The Amazon storefront and website specialize in offering patriotic gear and accessories, including the flagship two-liter stainless steel flask.

Made from high-quality double-wall stainless steel, it keeps all liquids cold for over 24 hours. The military-grade nylon sleeve is tear-resistant, easily removable, and washable, and it comes with MOLLE webbing to attach any accessories. The military-style magazine and utility pouch are ideal for keeping wallets, phones, keys, gear, and equipment safe.

The core brand portfolio has significant potential for expansion and is well-established, patented, and trademarked. The company currently sells 60 different products and has seven more in the works. The product line will be diversified by adding a variety of bottles, shakers, and cups … as well as the primary product in multiple sizing options.

The business has built a beneficial partnership with one of the most popular clothing companies in the world for over 20 years. The brand is licensed to use artwork provided by the clothing company for a royalty fee, and the artwork is a perfect fit for the brand’s audience—currently printed on t-shirts. They’re purchased for a minimal cost, and profits are split evenly between both companies.

Furthermore, the artwork is available for use on the flagship bottles. This gives the brand an endless supply of great art that its audience will love. There is a royalty paid to the clothing company on all bottles with their artwork, which is only 10% on website sales and 5% on Amazon. These are not top- selling items but are popular nonetheless, allowing the team to introduce new designs quickly and assist in cash flow.

Other popular products include resistance bands, weight-lifting wraps and straps, and apparel. The brand’s affiliation with the target demographic of patriots, law enforcement, and military personnel serves as its core. They stand out from rivals thanks to their distinct market positioning, active fan base, and high level of customer interaction.

In addition to the existing catalog, management intends to launch nutritional fitness supplements to compete in the supplements space, which will appeal to its audience. The brand can rapidly and decisively dominate this market due to its solid reputation and devoted following.

Approaching 200,000 social media followers, the team has established a sizable presence by talking to and comprehending their customers’ wants and needs. The business has mixed sales promotions with entertaining and informative material to increase views and income while fostering customer loyalty. The company’s ability to produce profitable items in the fitness market and its grasp of the audience’s interests both contribute to its success.

Three manufacturers based in South and East Asia are able to create samples swiftly and launch products expediently once management is happy with the quality and design.

Amazon fulfills all customer orders from both its platform and the Shopify-based websites. Inventory is maintained at FBA facilities as well as a California-based 3PL, from where Amazon stock is topped up. If, for any reason, a product sells out at Amazon, the company can immediately shift shipping to its 3PL until inventory is replenished, preventing any loss of revenue due to sold-out items.

The products sell year-round, with each product type peaking at different times throughout the year, negating any significant fluctuations in sales and revenue. The fitness products witness an uptick around New Year and through the Summer. Apparel is particularly popular around Independence Day, and the bottles peak during the holiday season as they make wonderful gifts.

The founders have systemized the operation extensively and work only a few hours weekly, even as the business proliferates. Part-time contractors assist with managing the Amazon storefront, social media, customer service, and logistics.

This business has created a distinct and lucrative niche in a sizable and expanding market by concentrating on a particular audience and providing them with the merchandise they appreciate. As a result, it launches new goods with an exceptional and swift success rate and enjoys a sizable and devoted following.

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Asking Price
$ 6,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,518,486
Gross Income
$ 5,643,045
Year Established