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Scaling eCommerce Retailer and Leader in the Cell Phone Accessories Vertical


This unparalleled offering is an eCommerce cell phone accessories seller. Carrying an incredible YOY growth rate of 37%. Over its 8 years of successful business, this company has developed a high-value brand featuring cutting edge products that are always in demand. Leveraging a unique inventory buying system, this proven opportunity has built up a brand that is known for its reliability, integrity, and constantly ahead of the curve selections. With a high daily volume of site visitors, 24,000 and more than 22,000 individual SKUs, this company drives unimaginable ROI. However, these numbers could be easily boosted with expanded inventory and an investment into SEO strategies. Currently, this rapidly growing business generates most of its digital traffic through its Exact Match Premium Domain, but adding marketing efforts such as paid media, extended selling platforms, SEO, and the creation of an in-house brand could each skyrocket this company’s already extraordinary profits.

This strong offering utilizes its high market standing and expert industry contacts in order to gain information on up and coming phone models before they even hit the market. This allows the current framework to secure advantageous supply lines of the most in-demand products before any competitor. With this incomparable strategy and countless opportunities for growth, this promising business is sure to be an excellent strategic investment for any buyer. A few exciting paths to expansion include Amazon integration, private label brand development, add-on products and services and the creation of a Wholesale branch. Digital optimizations such as social media use, social media advertising, and SEO practices are also key elements in brand scaling.

Offering top-of-line phone accessories across every popular phone brand, model, and type, this innovative opportunity brings in unparalleled returns. Their one-of-a-kind product purchasing process has created an unrivaled competitive advantage which has helped this brand gain awareness, popularity, and profits above the rest of their industry. This incredibly strategic business utilizes an 85% just in time shipping model along with 15% carried stock. Their high-value product margins could be further increased with the implementation of a 100% just in time inventory operating model. Other great ways to expand this company’s horizons would be to begin selling on outside platforms such as Amazon or even through phone carriers themselves. Currently, Amazon, eBay, and represent amazingly profitable, and yet untapped, markets.

Currently, the ownership team dedicates 4-7 hours per week to maintaining and scaling this booming business. Their weekly responsibilities include, updating advertising efforts, overseeing the supply chain and inventory, and updating the offerings within the website catalogue.

This work could easy be alleviated by hiring a virtual manager as well to help a new owner devote their time and effort into growing the business as a whole. To effectively maintain this company’s highly profitable framework, 4 employees would be needed to address daily operational concerns as well as maintain the warehouse and customer service. At the moment, all incoming emails are managed by a digital ticket system called OS Ticket which is already well-integrated into the organization’s in-house inventory tracking system for automatic and efficient product management.

This flourishing business currently employs a wide array of digital advertising and marketing initiatives. Utilizing a powerful balance of Google Ads, Ad Network, Shopping Network, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and email marketing through MailChimp; this company generates an incredible amount of traffic every month. At the moment, their Google Ads efforts are their top outreach channel, delivering 78% of all annual sales. That being said, every advertising avenue is accounting for a 100-500% return on investment. While these campaigns are undeniable effective, there is always room to grow. There is a boundless opportunity for this brand on social media, outside selling platforms, and even through SKU expansion.

Carrying an evergreen offering within a constantly growing and innovating industry, this offering has infinite scaling opportunities. Countless major distributors have hit unmanageable roadblocks as their more traditional supply chains and store fronts close due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a well-established eCommerce provider, this company is perfectly positioned to gain partners through lucrative and exclusive distribution agreements. Another innovative growth opportunity open to this organization would be the creation of an in-house private label brand. This is a vast and ever-changing market that is constantly creating new avenues to revenue and growth. Additional exciting paths to expansion include, aftersales product offerings such as warranties and repairs, purchase platform expansion, extended advertising efforts and wholesale supply options. This is truly an escalating opportunity just waiting for a new catalyst to growth.

Overall, this unprecedented target is an unimaginably profitable opportunity to invest in a fully established, exact match premium domain provider of phone accessories that is known across the industry as an effective market leader. Boasting a 40% income increase and 37% year over year revenue growth, this extraordinary investment has consistently seen strong returns and increasing demand as customers as well as major suppliers search for new, more reliable distribution channels. Providing the phone cases and accessories that everyone is looking for, the sales for this rapidly scaling business are rising with this industry’s limitless. In the right hands, this promising company will easily become a spanning empire.

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Asking Price
$ 9,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,181,650
Gross Income
$ 8,091,500
Year Established