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Scaling eCommerce Retailer in the Baby & Pet Sectors – Patented Product Line – DTC Sales via Website


This opportunity is a laser-focused, super high growth eCommerce Retailer with products in the Baby and Pet Sectors. With an average order value of $135 and a massive Year over Year growth rate, this Internet Business primarily sells product via its branded Website with a current expansion into and The primary markets that this brand operates in include Baby Products, Kids Products, Toys & Games, Outdoor Goods, Camping and Pets. Ownership is looking to sell a majority stake in the business, but desires to stay highly involved after closing because they see this business growing to a 9-figure business in the short term.

The owners behind this phenomenal brand started the business with a Kickstarter Campaign, resulting in over 3,500+ products sold in just the first 30 days alone. The brand was initially launched with a Patented Kids Playpen, which was developed due to the consistent problems with historical playpens, including the use of cheap, low quality materials and the fact that old playpens were bulky and too heavy for easy transport. This company’s playpen was different from the start, including the ability to quickly set up the product in seconds in a child-safe manner. Massive early adoption by parents, the use of high quality, long lasting materials and the fact that the product is touted as the lightest and most portable playpen in the world helped it to quickly accelerate sales and grow a loyal customer base.

All products sold by the company have approved registered trademarks at both the Brand and Product level, as well as fully approved patents or patent pending status in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan (with more countries in the approval process).

The global baby product market size was valued at USD 10.91 billion recently and is expected to register a CAGR of 5.5% over the 5 next year period due to rising spending capability and changing lifestyles. Rapid urbanization and a growing middle-class population across several developing regions are driving the market further. Changing lifestyle, particularly in developing countries, has encouraged the adoption of convenience-oriented routine, making these items desirable, which will fuel the industry growth over the forecast period and continue to drive sales from online shops. Moreover, rising consumer awareness regarding child health is boosting the sales of safer products, thereby augmenting industry growth. With thousands of manufacturers, researchers, experts, media and influencers, the baby category truly is an ecosystem that is dedicated to bringing safe, functional baby products to market and is always one of our top performers at

The company has over 12,000 followers on Facebook and over 21,000 on Instagram and growing rapidly. The company’s social presence has not been a focus, but there is opportunity here. The organic social following already clearly shows the significance of the company’s brand in the social ecosystem. Engaging with brand ambassadors and/or influencers could go a long way to helping to build brand awareness and propelling sales on the company’s various sales channels.

The company currently sells its products on its branded website, driving sales organically (through SEO tactics), and through paid media outlets, including Google and Facebook Ads. The company also has a large email list and a strong ROAS from its email blasts.

Amazon is a huge opportunity – low hanging fruit. Sales can easily grow 2-3 times very quickly just on Amazon alone and that sales process has only started in August 2020 – what an amazing opportunity. This would present a massive opportunity for an entrepreneur that has experience exploding brands on Amazon. This is a perfect bolt on to a current 3rd Party Seller on the platform or for anybody that has experience growing a brand on or offline. The same opportunity exists on as well as other websites, including Target and many more through a wholesale/distribution model.

In addition, scaling into international channels using the Amazon FBA platform would be an immediate opportunity for growth. With an average order value exceeding $135 and a 15% repeat customer rate (on product lines not normally associated with repeat buyers), there is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate sales on other platforms where far more brand awareness will bring a bevy of new orders.

The company enjoys a hands-off 100% 3PL and FBA fulfillment platform and industry-leading brand presentation. The business includes a well-coordinated team and ops infrastructure already in place, making this a genuinely turn-key powerhouse with all the boxes checked, nothing lacking.  This business can be operated anywhere in the world by nearly any new owner. No knowledge of the baby or online marketing space is necessary to step in and take the helm thanks to a perfectly crafted platform and the current use of third parties to help with everything from Paid Media Management to imaging and patent development. Ownership is offering a comprehensive new product launch plan with many new products already in the pipeline, and more.

And the most important thing buyers look for – SCALE – is a also hugely present in the company’s Research & Development arm, which has created a number of new items to launch, including backpack beach blankets, pop-up tents, pop-up pools and pop-up wagons. The company’s R&D is focused on quality and convenience in the Baby and Pet Space, and the new assortment of products, which will be shared with buyers during due diligence, are potentially even more valuable at market than the current line of products, which have clearly proven themselves effective on any channel sold.

There is so much opportunity here – it is hard to list everything. Please inquire within to learn more.

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$ 30,000,000
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$ 5,358,063
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$ 20,212,767
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