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Scaling eCommerce Website Selling Saunas and Hot Tubs – 92% Growth Rate – $4200 Average Order Value – Low Working Capital


Website Closers® presents a tremendous opportunity to own an innovative eCommerce website that has swiftly become the largest online dealer of Hot Tubs and Saunas in the country. Over the last year alone, this company has seen its business grow by a stunning 8,000% while developing a reputation for fast delivery times, high-quality products, and top-notch customer service. With growth trending towards a 64% increase in sales this year again, this offering stands on the precipice of explosive success.

This company’s smart and cost-effective strategy was to secure licensing agreements with top manufacturers of hot tubs and saunas for relaxation, weight loss, wellness, health, and entertainment. The majority of products are made in the U.S. and are shipped directly by the manufacturer, creating a low working capital threshold for the business. This impactful framework allows customers to get their orders fulfilled right away, without the need for costly storage and shipping on the seller’s part.

While there is a seasonality to both hot tubs and saunas, these products command different corners of the market and apply to different seasons. This has help maintain sales level year-round. The company has achieved a 50% year over year growth rate. Building on this, the company is ideally positioned for enviable growth in 2021 and beyond due to their ever-evolving market and limitless scale opportunities.

One highly effective opportunity to scale is product diversification; adjacent categories such as hot tub care and cleaning products, steam showers, and generators, could turn many one-time customers into steady repeat business. Increased social media marketing and SEO programs to boost organic traffic could also widely expand this business’ customer base.

The company was formed in 2018 with the goal of selling high end saunas; they then expanded into the hot tub industry in 2020. The business has been formed on competitive sales agreements with popular manufacturers to list their products and have them shipped directly from the supplier. Leads are directly received from the manufacturers, who send this company 5-20 leads per week as their trusted partner. Most of their products are made in the U.S., which means faster delivery times for their satisfied customers along with the added draw of supporting local economies.

The combination of both products was a smart investment, since the busiest time of year for sales of saunas is October through May, while for hot tubs, it’s April through October, offsetting the slow season for both product types.

This company’s enormous success has enabled them to expand to 256 SKUs and achieve an incredible average order value of $4,200. A spanning brand known for their strong customer service, the company employs a full-time customer service representative who handles all customer service requests and answers general questions about products. They have made a name for themselves as the only eCommerce hot tub store where customers can have fully tailored and personal product conversations with live sales consultants.

The company has also benefitted from a combination of paid and organic marketing tactics. One highly effective method has been their SEO program which uses a blog, along with long tail keywords to drive organic traffic. Their organic clicks are steadily growing by 10% per month. On the paid advertising side, this brand leverages Google PPC initiatives to find qualified buyers, while also using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to bring new customers to their website. The results have been stunning with their website now averaging 10,000 sessions per month, including 30,000 in the last three months, which included 22,000 new, unique visitors.

In a short period of time, the company has amassed an impressive email database of 3,200. Their demographics are extraordinarily strong, appealing to customers who are in the top 10% income bracket. Grabbing the eyes of outdoor enthusiasts, luxury shoppers, homeowners, and health and wellness enthusiasts this consistently scaling brand is perfectly positioned for lasting growth.

Currently looking into the creation of additional product lines that could bring customers back for more. The company has begun sourcing hot tub cleaning chemicals, while additional product opportunities could include dome saunas, portable saunas,

red light towers, percussion massagers, massage chairs, and nutritional supplements.

Continuing to explore social media marketing and enhanced SEO techniques are certain to push those sales even higher, as the market for luxury home products such as saunas and hot tubs is getting larger by the day. The number of homeowners is increasing, and with it come people looking to make their home a unique, fun, and healthy environment. There is a pent-up consumer demand for hot tubs and home saunas, and this brand is perfectly positioned to fill those demands through their fast online sales and effective delivery model.

There’s also a terrific opportunity to expand by shifting from B2C sales to marketing to other businesses, since this company hasn’t yet fully explored the opportunities offered by an aggressive B2B strategy. Partnering with luxury construction firms, spas chains, and more, this company could see a dramatic uptick in sales and brand awareness. The owners cumulatively spend less than 30 hours each week running this business. That includes spending 5 hours per week on marketing and website maintenance, 20 hours on sales, and 2 hours on miscellaneous tasks. Primary tasks include managing marketing campaigns, fielding inbound sales calls, answering inbound sales chats, outbound sales calls, lead follow ups, and communicating with suppliers.

The efficacy of their marketing plan can be seen in the company’s soaring gross revenue numbers. In a growing industry, this eCommerce sales leader is on track to grow with their global market and is expected to experience significant long-term increases as more people become homeowners looking for ways to improve their health and comfort. This is a business that grew immensely and swiftly and is now in the ideal position for significant and impressive short-term growth.

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