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Scaling European eCommerce Brand in the Personalized Jewelry Space – $40 AOV – Operational in 7 Countries – 22% Net Margin – 130% YOY Growth – 6 Shopify Websites


Website Closers® presents a thriving European eCommerce Brand in the Jewelry Vertical. The company allows customers to design jewelry pieces by providing their own texts, names, and images. A range of 65 active products is available in various colors, so endless possibilities exist.

The initial Dutch website was launched in 2019, offering beauty, fashion, and jewelry-related products. A year later, it was converted to jewelry-only, and customers’ appetites for the range were insatiable. The following year, the company opened in Sweden, followed six months later by Denmark and Norway. Most recently, in October 2022, the Finnish and Polish websites went live.

The owner has cultivated close relationships with his Chinese supplier. Since all products are custom-made, it would be impossible to maintain inventory, and all products are DropShipped, which alleviates the need to pay for warehouse workers, rent, utilities and all of the other logistics headaches of running a warehouse … leaving the operator to focus on growth, rather than operations.

The company works with a fulfillment center comprising a large team and warehouse. The store manager sends out order sheets in excel format twice weekly to the fulfillment company. They subsequently send orders to various manufacturers for production. After the jewelry pieces are completed, the manufacturers send products in the brand’s custom packaging back to the fulfillment warehouse, from where they are shipped to customers.

One manufacturer produces around 70 to 80 percent of products sold. Management has worked with them for over three years and consistently received professional service and quality goods. They are continuously open to discussing products, creating new designs, and sending samples whenever necessary.

During the holiday season, between 300 and 400 orders are shipped daily. During quieter periods of the year, that figure is between 50 and 100.

The only merchandise kept in stock by the brand is the packaging. It contains an elegant box, pouch, and thank you card, costing only .50 each.

Digital marketing efforts are highly effective. Meta ads, Pinterest ads, and email marketing account for around 80% of sales, while the remainder emanates primarily from Google Ads, returning customers, and organic search.

An email marketing agency has been working with the business for the past three years and has a good understanding of what works. The proof is in the pudding since 25% of sales are now derived from email marketing to the significant database of over 70,000 subscribers.

The brand is collaborating with a Google Ads agency and a TikTok agency. Campaigns on both channels will soon be active.

Operations are exclusively in the European market, and the team has tested various angles to sell its jewelry. Those that have proven rewarding include a focus on friendship, family, grief, newborns, and gifts. New approaches are constantly experimented with, and the high emotional value of customized products has consistently been a key selling point.

The typical customer is a woman—usually a mother—between 25 and 60. She loves wearing jewelry with the names and images of her children or grandchildren and spends $40 and here per order.

Jewelry is an evergreen niche and is popular throughout the year. However, as expected, sales peak significantly across all stores in Q4 during the Christmas and holiday season as people purchase gifts for their loved ones. Additional peaks occur on Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Sinterklaas— a Dutch holiday.

The majority of business operational tasks have been outsourced or automated. As a result, the owner works only five to ten hours weekly. His primary duties are managing the team, ensuring everyone knows what to do, and focusing on growth strategy.

All staff members have been hired through freelance platforms and work part-time in the following capacities:

  • 1 Store Manager
  • 1 Media Buyer for Meta Platforms
  • 1 Media Buyer and Content Creator for Pinterest
  • 2 Video Editors
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Head of Customer Service
  • 4 Customer Service Agents
  • 1 Content Creator
  • 1 Financial Analyst

Few special skills are required to run this highly automated and well-oiled operation. Management skills would be helpful in scaling the brand, and a basic understanding of marketing would be beneficial. That being said, the experienced team is enthusiastic about remaining with the company post-acquisition, and a buyer without expertise in a particular aspect of the business can easily hire a specialist or outsource the task to an agency.

Jewelry is uncomplicated to sell and has an enormous target audience. A new owner could drastically expand this business and witness a hasty return on investment or enjoy the fruits of four years of labor with minimal effort.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 980,000
Cash Flow
$ 279,804
Gross Income
$ 1,276,078
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