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The target is a scaling B2B freelancing platform catering specifically to writing labor and content development. This online service has as its mandate to be a one stop destination for writers of all kinds, offering job listings, training materials and a selection of tools to help writers manage and share their work. And for those looking to get matched with and hire a writer, the platform has powerful, proprietary tools to ensure the work received is always high quality. The website has built in document editors that performs over 2,000 grammar, style and readability checks to help ensure a high quality of output at all times.

The website contains portals for clients and freelancers, by way of a customer facing website. There is also a proprietary, in-house-developed mobile app, which offers freelancers a variety of educational tools geared towards improving their trade, which synergistically feeds revenue by providing subscribing freelancers with as many tools as possible to offer clients the highest quality content. Catering to beginners and pros alike, this exciting Internet Company offers core memberships, coaching bundles, freelance writing tool-kits and video courses, alongside the core underlying matchmaking platform.

Client purchases average $65 per order with an average of 350 new subscribers per day – this freelancing platform is realizing tremendous userbase growth: well over 40,500 users annually based on current run rate. Since inception, this freelancing business has seen substantial growth with little to no marketing investment in terms of PPC and SEO with very little Social Media. Focused on a highly trendy and consistently salient service industry borne of the digital age, this space continues to grow as more and more clients of all sizes turn to on-demand contract work to achieve higher quality to labor cost ratios thanks to the availability of such platforms as this.

Thanks to almost total automation in the platform’s underpinning foundation, ownership is able to focus on growth strategies and making the platform better and more user friendly. There are many additional opportunities for revenue growth and user experience add-ons. This is a perfect opportunity for a serial entrepreneur looking to experiment with something new, and genuinely move the needle in one of the most in-demand and nascent spaces online today, or for a group already in the Freelancing or B2B space that wants to take a high growth company to the next level.

Depending entirely on on-demand remote contract labor for development and support, this opportunity can be operated anywhere in the world with just an internet connection, making it completely turn-key and easy-to-transition in every regard. This organically grown business comes complete with over 219,000 email subscribers – new ownership will realize instant growth at the push of a button with even the most cursory paid advertising efforts and comprehensive search optimization campaigns. Seeing an average daily visitor rate of over 6,900 unique hits to its website, this business is ripe and ready for expansion in any number of directions, including international avenues, to name one of the most obvious opportunities.

Current ownership points out that the most natural additions to the platform for new ownership initially will be to expand the service package lineup by adding tier level subscriptions, growing course library content, charging to post jobs, charging writers for profile building services, adding coaching/editing services and offering additional educational platforms. This automated profit center is in a category all to itself; its value proposition speaks for itself, and is most certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

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Asking Price
$ 5,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,322,978
Gross Income
$ 4,431,798
Year Established

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