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This is a fast-moving, bleeding-edge opportunity in the world of broad-spectrum, low-to-medium ticket impulse Internet purchases in the lifestyle product segment, growing massively year-over-year since its inception. Covering everything from consumer electronics accessories to assorted home goods accessories, this website identifies a wide array of trendy & unique merchandise, both branded and un-branded. The in-house development team consistently adds new SKUs to keep a rotating & fresh line of products in front of consumers at all times.

With this unique and highly fluid model of rotating product assortment, which is broadly applicable to consumer core products already in the hands of the browsing buyer (such as cell phones, tablets, and more), this business utilizes a unique, zero-cost advertising model that allows its base of 105,000 loyal members early access to new products, effectively getting paid to beta test each product. The best performing products are then distributed through a network of affiliate partners that reach over 10,000,000 people. Additionally, direct sales are generated from its highly polished E-Commerce front-end that sees 17,000 unique visitors per month.

Featuring a fully-automated E-Commerce platform requiring a bare minimum of workload, a built-in affiliate network with white labeling in-place, and a low-overhead 3PL/Dropship model with on-demand outsourced primary manpower – this is the very definition of a new generation, high-volume consumer goods E-Commerce business. No longer are product lines static and chosen by a buyer behind a desk; today buyers speak for themselves. This company is leading the charge toward crowd-driven product mix with its rotating assortment model putting forward those SKUs & product types that see the most play, ensuring dynamically capitalized trends over time in the highly fluent consumer lifestyle goods market.

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Asking Price
$ 2,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 585,373
Gross Income
$ 4,526,952
Year Established

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