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Scaling Home Interior Lighting eCommerce Brand – Projected Indoor Lighting Displays – Strong Social Media Following


Website Closers® presents a sparklingly prosperous brand that sets the standard in the vibrant niche of entertainment home lighting. Over the past year, this company has accelerated sales by selling an array of specialized indoor light projectors that create a sense of being in a wonderous galaxy in any room. Particularly appealing to teens and young adults, the products are popular choices as housewarming gifts, home date tools, holiday gifts, and more.

The company set out to provide its customers with user-friendly projectors that would stand out for the strong visual impression they create. The company’s timing was perfect. Today, there is definitely a growing public demand for specialized indoor lighting options; the global lighting industry is currently worth more than $112 billion. In just one year, the brand has received more than 21,000 orders on its Shopify store, with an average order value that started at $73 but has since risen to a $90 AOV.

The affect their projectors create make leave a lasting impression as posts on the company’s social media sites. Immersing users in a glowing galaxy effect, they offer a myriad of vivid colors such as blue, green, or purple; the brand has done exceptionally well using unpaid social media to build name recognition and generate strong organic traffic. This company has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram and another 5,000+ engaged followers on Facebook. The business has also benefitted heavily from its targeted email marketing campaigns that regularly reach more 25,000+ contacts.

Standing on a bright path to lasting success, this company has exciting options to scale. Growth would come quickly with the introduction of an SEO program and by implementing video marketing as well as influencer expansions on sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. The company could also create an app that would control their projectors to increase appeal and ease of use. Expanding sales into retail shops and high value sales platforms such as, Etsy, and may drive phenomenal brand awareness and adoption.

This company recently released a new, updated version to gain interest and awareness with their tech-savvy audience. These two products represent 90% of their sales, and both come in unique, branded box designs with exclusive manuals and a branded thank you card.

Almost instantly, the company found a highly receptive market for these projectors among teens and young adults aged 14-30. More recently, sales have been rising fast among all ages. The projectors are selling at a healthy pace year-round, although sales tend to pick up between October and January, and the brand sees a spike in orders during colder months when people are spending more time inside their homes. Purchases have also spiked around the holidays due to the projectors being ideal holiday gifts. More mature buyers have been purchasing these projectors as well, mostly as gifts for their grandchildren.

With a healthy base among young buyers, the company has successfully leveraged social media posts, including both photos and videos that showcase the incredible lighting effects of these products. The brand has run paid ads on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest, while also generating organic traffic through Instagram, where the brand has successfully pursued an influencer campaign offering gifts in exchange for promotion and content.

The results clearly speak for themselves. This company has attracted 10,000+ SMS text subscribers and generated a whopping 770,000+ unique clicks on Facebook Pixel which helps track conversions from their Facebook ads. Those advertisements have received a staggering 61 million impressions to date.

Although the brand hasn’t implemented an SEO program or blog yet, their website traffic is extremely high, with an average monthly visitor level of 90,000+.
The company utilizing a strategic and cost-effective Drop Ship model. Working with an agent in China who organizes shipments across China and the U.S. This brand tends to place factory orders for up to 5,000 projectors at a time. However, they only stock around 100 projectors since the factory producing them manages shipments very quickly.

There are endless opportunities for growing this business at lightning speed. The company could launch additional products within the same niche, such as curtain lights, sunset projectors, or moon lamps, then expand into the wholesale market, especially during the holiday season.

A business-minded buyer could also start an app that offers new features not available on the website, such as specific lighting movements from the projectors or unique color combinations.

New marketing campaigns could include posting videos on sites such as TikTok that cater to visual audiences in the right demographic range and creating how-to videos on YouTube. The brand could also benefit tremendously from an SEO campaign that focuses on content marketing and strategic advertising placements to boost traffic.

The current owners spend less than 5 hours each week running this business. They are responsible for managing ads and finances, as well as supervising their freelance workers. The company now employs freelancers for customer service and content creation, along with one virtual assistant. Third-party contractors are used for fulfillment, inventory management, and sometimes for additional content creation.

They now average 10-20 email contacts from customers each day, and 5-15 social media messages. The owners also check daily to see how their PCC ads are performing in case anything needs to be fine-tuned.

Within a single year, this brand did a fantastic job marketing to a niche within the home lighting industry and discovered a fast-growing customer base for their two home lighting projectors. Successfully leveraging social media ads and posts for organic traffic, the brand has been able to amass stunning gross revenues that of more than $1.4 million.

This may be a young business, but it has already demonstrated just how popular its projectors are, with marketing that appeals to teens, millennials, GenX buyers, and even older buyers who love the idea of purchasing their products as gifts for others. The company has drawn innumerable rave online reviews from their very satisfied customer base.

The company has tremendous scale opportunities because there are so many different directions to take this brand, from expanding the product line and beefing up marketing through SEO and online videos to targeting wholesale B2B sales as well.

This is a young business that is well positioned to scale rapidly and draw in massive new profits for years to come.

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