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The target is a highly successful, rapidly scaling MOBILE GAMING COMPANY that has distinguished itself among its competitors by using advanced data analytics and advanced testing to consistently increase downloads and monetization of its mobile game portfolio. This TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has consistently produced winning mobile games that are highly popular and create a coveted platform for some of the world\\\’s largest advertising networks. Most importantly, this mobile app company has found a method of creating longevity and longer playing times on its platforms in order to generate additional ad revenue.

Through successful implementation of agile programming in a world-wide distributed workforce with low overhead costs, this Internet Company has maintained PROFIT MARGINS OF 83% and has reached Economies of Scale, which will benefit future ownership in its growth continuity.

The company is currently focused on the Android platform and even though growth is remarkable month over month and year over year, it still has the entire iOS platform to scale into. Due to Economies of Scale, the company can easily transition its current and future games into that platform without much in the way of additional SG&A. Other growth initiatives that have dedicated teams working on them, include preparing top games for the Nintendo Switch and PC Steam platforms. Some of the amazing value propositions that have been utilized in the valuation of this great tech company include the following:

– Massive, Ongoing Scale
– Immediate Growth Opportunities available on the iOS platform, PC Steam, Nintendo Switch
– Stable Sales Mix via over 150 mature games
– 83% Profit Margins
– 4.58 Million Monthly Downloads
– 42 Million Monthly Impressions
– Average eCPM of $2.87 (Current tests results indicate a 30-40% upcoming increase in eCPM)
– Large Infrastructure in place to capitalize on scale opportunities
– Highly Developed Optimization Processes

As a fully bootstrapped tech company started up in November 2013, and having grown tremendously without any outside investment since inception, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a high growth, high performance market leader in the mobile gaming niche with limitless scale potential as it brings its highly efficient production and optimization processes to iOS and other platforms.

This Mobile Gaming Company Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,228,000
Gross Income
$ 3,850,000
Year Established

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