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Scaling & Sticky Supplements, SuperFoods & Healthcare Brand – 6 Year eCommerce Retailer – Primarily Amazon FBA – 70% YOY Growth Rate – Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents a solid eCommerce Brand that has proven itself time and time again in the online marketplace for Supplements, Superfoods, and other Health-Focused products. Carrying a 100% positive Amazon Seller Rating, this fully established eCommerce retailer offers more than 130 branded SKUs that are known for being vegan-friendly, organic nutritional supplements across the widespread wellness vertical. From eco-friendly packaging and animal product free offerings all the way to high quality ingredients, this business is designed to appeal to this booming Nutraceuticals Market.

This Internet Company has a 70% Year Over Year Growth Rate along with an average order value of $27.67, bringing phenomenal revenue and the foundation for stable scale to a capable buyer. More than its 6 year built foundation and incredible customer base, this company is perfectly poised for rapid growth within the health and wellness market.

With scale opportunities present in channel expansion, subscription development, bundling options, additional advertising efforts, social media utilization and numerous other strategies, this company is positioned for effective and rapid growth. The wellness movement is vast and setting new standards for everyday health. Carrying an established brand with high levels of awareness and industry share of voice, this opportunity is an incredible foothold within a solid and spanning marketplace that any new owner would be lucky to get a hold of.

Manufactured in the USA, this company provides products of the highest quality. They carry the Natural Products Association’ Diamond Awards, GMP Certification, and eco-friendly practices that drive phenomenal results. In fact, their facility is regularly inspected and approved by the Federal Drug Administration and is registered with the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration.

With highly effective scale opportunities at its immediate fingertips, this company would do extremely well on social media. As the wellness community relies on lifestyle posting, pages and advertisements on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook would do very well in this vertical. Especially through the use of recipe videos and health tips. Additionally, this company currently sells only through Amazon and their own website leaving spaces such as and other big box audiences completely untapped. Building on their current brand, this company could also do well with affiliate marketing practices, influencer partnerships, international expansions, and the addition of more products. As this company is a prominent Amazon seller, extending their offerings onto Amazon’s overseas platforms would be both seamless and wildly lucrative.

A proven contender, this company carries 130+ SKUs while leveraging a 97% Amazon FBA model. Keeping all their inventory on a stock system, this dynamic framework allows this company to swiftly and impactfully fill every order while maintaining their high standards of quality. Their USA made goods are sourced from a distribution center in Colorado and then stored in Amazon warehouses as well as a small storage space in Austin, Texas for all orders that stem from their owned website.

As this company’s product launch phases shift, so does the amount of work that the current ownership puts in each day. Throughout their focused growth phases, the ownership has spent an average of 8 hours on taking care of their responsibilities while a normal maintenance day typically consists of 2 hours. The core of the owner’s daily tasks revolve around sales operations as they track inventory, order products, and respond to consumer concerns. Expansion initiatives are also led by the owner such as developing lucrative business relationships, creating marketing plans, and designing new advertising collateral.

Working with 4 subcontractors, this streamlined company delivers jaw-dropping revenue with minimal overhead costs. Their only full-time subcontractor is their Seller Central Manager who works remotely and lives in Pakistan. They also work with a Social Media Manager who is a relative of the current owner and lives in California. Then there is a Customer Care Representative who is also a member of the owner’s family, these family members could easily be replaced with VAs who the seller is offering to help find and hire.

As this company continues its pattern of rapid growth, they are leveraging PPC along with a minor Facebook and Instagram presence. This leaves limitless room to scale through the use of stronger Social Media practices, paid campaign initiatives, SEO improvements both to their owned site and Amazon listings, extended purchasing platforms, and expanded SKU lines. More fantastic avenues to growth center on strategic partnership building with other wellness companies such as nutritionists, gyms, yoga studios, and spas.

Developed with seamless scaling and reliable growth in mind, this company is perfectly positioned for continued success and sustainable expansion. Carrying more than 130 SKUs and an impressive 70% Year over Year growth Rate, this business is a proven investment and promising acquisition that is sure to bring unimaginable profits to a very lucky buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2160

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 359,315
Gross Income
$ 1,682,860
Year Established

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