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Scaling, World Renowned Film & Entertainment Industry Website – 5-8 Million Monthly Viewers


Website Closers® presents a dynamic News and Entertainment Website that has amassed a phenomenal following and unprecedented revenue growth by delivering its online viewers the most widely sought-after information across the globe: the latest news coming out of the entertainment industry. The efficacy of this model is evident in their whopping repeat session rate of 75%. Every month, an average of 5-8 Million Readers logon to this website for news about the movie, arts, and television industry, engaging in lifestyle discussions, and entering an online space for fans to connect and communicate.

This company’s enviable revenue is generated by writing and publishing articles for product placement, content marketing, and through direct advertising on the site. In just a few years, sales of advertising services have soared, while expenses remain minimal to mainly cover talent such as writers, editors, and web developers. These economies of scale are set to continue as the company continues on its growth journey.

The company has homed in on the art of SEO, which has helped to drive traffic using important keywords in the industry. They hired an additional team of writers to expand content and identified a loyal audience who return regularly from new social feeds and newsletters. They implemented long-term relationships with advertising partners who became regular customers, pushing up the bottom line. These efforts paid off in a huge way. The company showed over 300% YOY sales and earnings growth in 2020 and is on target for over 500% YOY growth in 2021.

From a powerful email database of more than 1 million contacts, a strong social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, and a monthly visitor rate that averages up to 8 million users, to their unparalleled audience reach which has garnered an ever-growing list of advertising clients, this company has been strategically developed for explosive growth and lasting success. Showing tremendous content value, this company’s older articles see almost as much advertising revenues as the new as they continue to bring new eyes to the platform.

Just of few of this company’s limitless opportunities to scale include hiring additional writers to increase the amount of content on the site, SEO enhancements, and social media development. A higher volume of content would enable the company to drive traffic considerably higher, which makes the site more appealing – and profitable – to advertisers. Hitting two birds with one stone, more writers mean more room for advertisers to purchase boutique articles rich in SEO keywords that target their audience while increasing the company’s sales.  Doubling the number of writers contributing to the site could grow revenue by an additional 100% each month.

Launched in 2018, this compelling website went live with a simple business model: give readers what they want when it comes to Celebrity and Hollywood news, gossip, and trends. Posting more than 20 new articles each day, this company capitalizes on the lifetime of good content by keeping older articles accessible through the search bar. They then share information about upcoming releases in the world of entertainment, while providing links to other sites that readers might be interested in checking out; this multifaceted framework has earned them a place as the communications hub for all things entertainment news. Additionally, this brand has been creating video posts with reactions, countdowns, and informative formats that keep consumers coming back.

The brand’s primary customer demographics position the business for maximum advertising revenue by targeting the exact groups that advertisers desire: adults between the ages of 18 and 54. The company’s overall reach includes a diverse audience that is 65% female, 25% LGBTQ, and leans heavily on young professionals who earn between $60,000 and $150,000 per year – all groups with disposable income and healthy spending habits.

As their viewership has grown so significantly, 300% YOY in the last year alone, the company now has an email database of more than 1 million contacts that could be powerfully leveraged by a business-minded buyer. From the development of a weekly newsletter to the additional opportunity for advertising space, this vast array of active readers could prove tremendously lucrative.

The company uses an outside ad generating service while they concentrate on content creation, which represents half of their sales revenue. The other 50% of revenue stems from directly marketing products through the creation and placement of promotion-based articles. As experts in search marketing, this brand works with businesses to find the most impactful keywords to help each advertising client reach their audience reliably. Leveraging this model, the company creates lucrative, boutique content that includes writing articles, sending out newsletters, making social media posts, creating videos, and even hosting live events for the client.

The site also allows businesses to advertise on an RPM model or run display banner ads on viral articles. This highly effective model has seen an unrivaled 75% viewer retention rate and a sales success rate of 92%. With sales increasing sharply from 2019 to 2020, and projections of high growth for 2021, this business is an invaluable, ever-growing opportunity for an entrepreneurial buyer.

Additional opportunities that an incoming owner may be able to utilize for tremendous growth include running ads on Facebook, using Google Ads, and expanding the brand’s social media presence by crating videos on the popular TikTok content sharing platform. Capitalizing on this brand’s enormous email database, a capable buyer could launch a targeted email marketing campaign to drive an exponential increase in engagement rates.

This business now employs just two editors, 12 contract writers, and an IT web developer who are all willing to stay on after the sale. To ensure a smooth transition, the current owner is willing to stay on for up to 6 months post-acquisition for any training, introductions, or operational help the new buyer may need.  This website is sitting on the popular content management system, WordPress, and requires no specialize expertise or web coding skills to maintain it.

Standing on a reliable foundation of countless readers – and advertisers – this company is a reliable, rapidly growing platform that an incoming buyer could leverage for passive income from the site’s oldest articles to their newest posts. On the other hand, this powerful investment could be dramatically scaled by hiring more writers, creating more content, engaging more through social media, and beginning work on in-depth advertising campaigns of their own. Flexible and monumentally lucrative, this opportunity is one that will not last long on the market.

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