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Shark Tank Backed eCommerce Company in the Paint & Kitchen Storage Verticals – Multiple Brands – Over 6,000 Store Shelves – Massive YOY Growth


Website Closers ® presents a household Brand that has taken America by storm, thanks to its exposure on the hit NBC TV Series, Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs are given the chance to secure deals on their inventions and innovations to make their dreams come true. This company started out with a simple product – a leftover paint storage device with 4 utility patents. Started by a father-son team, this company gained considerable exposure on Season 12. Prior to the airing, the company had generated $220,000 in sales. Since that episode aired, sales have skyrocketed to a tremendous projected $3 million in the next year, a stunning jump! There’s no question that many people believe in their products and recognize their value. This is an amazing opportunity for a buyer to take full advantage of the brand awareness developed to date through the Shark Tank experience, and through being sold in thousands of retail establishments around the nation.

With all their SKUs being available in retail shops and through eCommerce, this successful company is primed for exponential growth.  Their B2B sales are strong since their products take occupancy in several popular retail store shelves, including Walmart and Lowe’s. Their most popular product became available for test runs in regional locations. They sold remarkably well, and retailers have rewarded the company by making this product available at all their locations! Other retailers include Canadian Tire, Meijer, Theisen’s and Fleet Farm. All in – they are in over 6,000 locations!

Currently, the company offers 9 SKUs. Their popular product has sold as part of a one, two and three pack and they also offer premium paint tarps, roller cleaners and brushes. The combination of these variations now makes up 80% of the company’s sales. More than 880 reviews have been posted on Amazon, giving the brand a high Seller’s Rating. This product deals with the heavy metals and rust that can built up in unused paint in paint cans. It also clears up clumps in the paint with its uniquely designed blending sphere, solving the age-old problem of rusty and clumpy paint! The product is lab tested to keep paint fresh for 10+ years!  Just Shake n’ Paint!

The second brand offered by the company centers around SKUs for persevering bagels, donuts, and muffins in an airtight, mold-preventing container that is BPA-free and eco-friendly. Customers can reuse these containers, thus reducing waste and maintaining the option to enjoy their delicious foods with prolonged freshness.

There are a few ways to order the company’s products. They have an Amazon store, Multiple Shopify websites, and availability in retail stores. For Amazon deliveries, the company uses Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and also ships from their own 3PL warehouse. The number of shipments can vary because of the purchase orders they receive for wholesale shipments.

The company recently acquired a national distributor that can deliver to 700 locations. This will raise sales dramatically, increasing the brand’s revenue and market reach.

There are enormous opportunities to take the company from $3 million in value to $50 million in 5 years. One prudent move would be taking advantage of the interest of other major retailers. The company is looking to get into additional big box stores and popular retail stores. Expanding into large retailers is always an option. Stores such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value, Menard’s Dolt Best, PPG and Sherwin Williams are viable options. Acquiring deals with each one will add more than 23,000+ locations for this brand. A global expansion is also possible.

The company could scale by spreading more brand awareness through social media. With an aggressive strategy for social media marketing, millions more consumers can be attracted to the company’s social media content and website through sales funnels. Hiring someone to be a social media manager can bring incredible ROI. Optimizing PPC advertising on Amazon will boost sales and gain more traffic to the store.

Gaining more email subscriptions can attract more orders from consumers. Providing exclusive deals, discounts and promotions on a weekly basis will also be appealing. Email marketing can take the 11,000 the company currently has to 6 figures rather quickly with great content. To sweeten the deal, the company is now licensed to use the “As seen on Shark Tank” brand. That brand comes with trust and special interest from consumers who view the show. With Shark Tank backing this company, nationwide and worldwide distribution is at hand, sales hardly ever slow down, and with products that are in demand for everyday needs, this company is the acquisition you must have. Call Website Closers today to get more information from our brokers about how this is the right deal for you.

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Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 833,822
Gross Income
$ 1,936,651
Year Established