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Skincare eCommerce Brand – 60% Repeat Order Rate – 85% YOY Growth – Strong Amazon Subscribe & Save Growth – Developed By A Dermatologist


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand flush with promise in the skincare industry, as it provides a valuable product line for their customers: treatments for the 7.5 Million Americans who are suffering from psoriasis. They offer a variety of dermatologist-developed, over-the-counter (OTC) soaps, creams, shampoos & conditioners, and supplements that are made specifically to relieve the pain and discomfort from the rashes that their customers suffer from. Many of these products are also offered in bundles, making it easy for their customers to pick up everything they might need for their health in one fell swoop.

The most impressive aspect of this burgeoning company is the sheer loyalty of their customer base. As their customers require recurring treatment due to the nature of their condition, once they realize the quality of the brand’s products, they’re happy to return to them again and again. The company enjoys an astounding Repeat Order Rate of 60%, which gives them substantial Monthly Recurring Revenue that’s valuable for any business. Additionally, because their products are evergreen in nature, they also have the easy opportunity for cross-selling new SKUs to their consumer base in the future.

They currently see 85% year-over-year (YOY) profit growth, which has let them diversify their reach since their launch. While they started out on Amazon, which has remained their primary source of revenue, they have been able to expand to Walmart and iHerb, with the latter focusing on wholesale profit. The company has also recently begun selling through CVS, which, given its status as a major retailer, could potentially rise to become a massive revenue boost in the future. DTC sales through this channel and the company’s website are already rising to create a better mix of sales channels.

Amazon has offered this brand many benefits, one of which is their access to its Subscribe & Save Program. As evidenced by their exceptional Repeat Order Rate, customers often return to the brand whenever their treatments run out, which has led to many taking full advantage of the convenience that a subscription can offer them. The company has been steadily cultivating their number of long-term subscribers for their SKUs, and at an Average Order Value of $40, this consistent revenue stream is only going to become more beneficial for the business’s future.

The company has continued to improve their customer experience over time, rolling out new products and expanding to additional, well-used sales platforms. The work that they’ve put in has given them a great trajectory, and by taking a quick look at their track record, it becomes clear that they have the know-how to keep their momentum going.

The company’s founder was their first customer.

The brand was launched by a founder who not only knew their way around eCommerce entrepreneurship but also had a personal investment in the market of psoriasis treatments, as they, themselves, suffer from it. Their main product was originally developed by the founder’s dermatologist spouse, which lacked the unpleasant side effects that many other treatments on the market had for the founder. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they had a promising product on their hands that could help not just them, but the estimated 125 million psoriasis sufferers around the world as well.

They then implemented their treatment formula into an array of different product types, including bars of soap, creams, shampoos, and conditioners. Their strong initial sales drove them to expand further into supplements, such as multivitamins and multipack bundles. Their products contain ingredients that treat inflammation and breakouts for people who have psoriasis and are all manufactured for the brand in the US. Their soaps, therapeutic shampoos, and moisturizing creams have proven to be popular among customers, with each making up about a third of their total sales.

The company’s reviews on their primary Amazon storefront are incredibly positive, with customers testifying to how effective the products are in treating their symptoms, and happily recommending them to others with the condition.

Their sales are consistent throughout the year, though they do tend to rise somewhat during the colder months, as skin conditions can often flare up during dry weather.

Their sales channels have expanded.

The brand’s Amazon platform has been their lifeblood, with over 3,000 customers making active use of their Subscribe & Save option. These subscriptions are driven by multipacks that can mix and match products and deliver them in bundles and will afford the buyer a wonderfully high recurring revenue rate to enjoy. The company also makes active use of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which makes for a quick, reliable shipment and delivery service, and, in turn, bolsters their reputation of great customer service.

Their decision to branch off and diversify their sales platforms has been a positive move for the business as well, as shown by their Shopify storefront already having over 225 subscribers and counting. They have also expanded to CVS, Walmart, and iHerb, and are hard at work improving the online traffic for all their sites to make them more profitable. They’ve used PPC ads for Amazon and Walmart and have built an email marketing campaign that utilizes their vast database of over 30,000 subscribers.

Additionally, the company runs an SEO program on their website that includes an informational blog about psoriasis awareness, letting them both target their ideal customer base, as well as educate people who may be unsure about what psoriasis fully entails. These marketing strategies have helped strengthen the flow of traffic to their website, giving them an average of about 4,600 visitors every month.

This business is not a major time commitment.

The company’s operations are refreshingly turnkey, with the current owner spending less than 10 hours per week maintaining them. Their key tasks include ensuring there is enough inventory to keep up with orders, sending products to Amazon and Walmart, and monitoring their seller accounts. Outside of the owner, there are no employees, but the company will occasionally bring on temporary workers for busy outbound shipment weeks.

They typically stock roughly 70 days’ worth of inventory at Amazon, and while the seller works out of an office, the business is structured in such a way that it could easily be managed 100% remotely post-purchase.

Their streamlined, automated processes give the buyer the time and flexibility to dedicate their work hours towards quickly scaling the business. They could accomplish this by dedicating more effort towards their digital marketing, with their social media advertising being a great place to start. The brand already has over 8,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,500 on Instagram, so by increasing the marketing on these channels, as well as pursuing video marketing on TikTok and YouTube, they could rapidly spread awareness of the brand and their consumer base.

They could also divert some of their marketing focus towards wholesale accounts, which would help them draw the attention of pharmaceutical retailers across the US, and continue to expand their SKU roster with new treatments and other skin care products.

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