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Smart Home, Tech-Enabled Consumer Electronics Brand – Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer – Notification & Alert Technology


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is gaining a significant foothold is the rapidly evolving field of Smart Home, Tech-Enabled Products. Founded by engineers, this company created a proprietary smart alerting and notification platform to offer consumers something they can’t get from competitors. It’s significant that this company built their software platform first, a unique approach that rival companies haven’t taken. Their design allows notifications for multiple recipients, compared to most other alert devices that send alerts to a single recipient. This also uniquely positions it for clients in commercial buildings and multifamily spaces where both an owner and maintenance service require timely alerts. The uniqueness of their designs and products enables the company to introduce new devices to the market to address a host of remote sensor issues, including alerts for power failures, interior flooding, mailbox opening, and changes in room, water or pipe temperature.

Their technology has been a clear winner with customers on their Amazon FBA Account. Not only are sales humming along throughout the year, but customers are all too eager to provide the company with glowing feedback through their many 5 Star Reviews. This company’s success in the smart home technology field started with a genuinely smart ground-up design for their products.

Smart Home Technology is a rapidly expanding field, especially as more consumers invest in wireless connectivity for their home, gadgets, devices and appliances that make their lives safer, more convenient, and more comfortable. More importantly, these devices give the homeowner greater control of their property when they’re away since they can stay informed anywhere with a smartphone or a laptop. The appeal of having this up-to-date information has become irresistible to millions of consumers. The global smart home market is now valued at $99 billion.

Projections illustrate that the Smart Home Market will reach a phenomenal $174 billion by 2025, a 13% growth rate. This brand has a massively expanding customer base to target in the future.

This company, launched in January 2019, was formed by a group of high-tech professionals who designed their smart alert products to accommodate many independent sensors and multiple notification mechanisms, each one hosted on an integrated cloud-based solution. Their platform was designed with the ability to send email, text and push alerts to multiple users, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

All products are designed by this company, manufactured for it, and sold under their brand name. While their power failure detector has become their top selling product, they have rising sales for their water detector, mailbox alert and multi-sensor that combines power, temperature, water, and continuity alerts.

Although smart home technology was historically very expensive, their Average Order Value is $55, which has sent sales soaring in the past three years, with low seasonality constraints. Not surprisingly, homeowners make up the vast bulk of their customer base, and sales span across all age groups and income levels.

Customers are clearly responsive to what they have purchased from this company, which enjoys a 4.5 Seller Rating on Amazon. Amazon has proven to be the perfect sales channel for the company, and now provides 90% of sales, with the remaining 10% coming from their Shopify website.

Amazon has given the company other benefits. Their 12 SKUs are listed on Seller Central and sold Prime, and 90% of the company’s shipments are conveniently sent through Fulfillment By Amazon. The brand has spent frugally on PPC ads on Amazon to help boost their customer base, as well as limited ads on Google and on Microsoft to drive sales on their site. That represents one of the brand’s most significant scale options. Digital marketing offers this brand an exceptional opportunity to grow quickly, including by a full-scale social media marketing campaign.

The company has an inactive Facebook page which can be expanded. They could also expand their presence on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube to boost organic traffic to their Shopify site.

An email marketing and SMS text messaging campaign would also enable the company to reach out to new and existing customers for information about what’s new with their products and services. These are effective tools for turning past sales into upsells.

With only 12 SKUs today, the company could expand their product line in new categories, offering devices for other alerts or online monitoring, such as home entertainment systems, appliances and driveway alarms.

The company now has two new products in development, an Emergency Button, and a Battery Monitor. These and the company’s existing products would clearly benefit from enhanced marketing plans. This brand could also cultivate a significant B2B market by designing or positioning products for businesses and commercial properties in need of wireless alert systems. That step alone would send profits soaring to new heights.

This is a turnkey operation, and the current owners spend just 20 hours per week on daily operations, with their focus on placing orders, tracking deliveries and sending their items to FBA. The company does not have any employees outside of their owners, and most tasks are efficiently handled by Amazon.

The company is successfully riding a major wave of interest in and enthusiasm for smart home technology, and the sophistication of their own alert devices has given them a firm position as a leader in this niche space.

Even more enviable is that the company could scale rapidly in a number of ways, from expanding their SKUs to new marketing plans to a B2B marketing drive.

Literally anyone who has property and is connected to the interest is a potential customer.

Expect big advances for this company as more people discover the conveniences that Smart Home Technology offers.

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