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Social Savvy Men’s Apparel DTC eCommerce Brand – 30% Repeat Order Rate – 200,000+ Monthly Unique Visitors


Website Closers® presents a high-performing eCommerce Brand that has carved out market share in one of our fastest-growing online shopping subsets, Men’s Apparel & Accessories. As more men become interested in clothing that is stylish, attractive and speaks to who they are, this brand has connected with a wide audience across Europe and the United States, enjoying sharply increasing DTC sales for their selections in the vibrant men’s apparel space.

Social media has helped drive sales from millions of brands by engaging with Celebrity Endorsers to show off their new attire which proves highly influential with their followers. This brand used the same tactic. With a very active social media presence that includes a whopping 200,000+ followers across their Instagram and Facebook platforms, they have succeeded in gaining widespread recognition across multiple nations and within the fashion community and now enjoy solid earnings growth

The company’s success over the past four years has enabled them to grow their catalog to 90+ SKUs, manufactured just for them and sold under their brand name. The result of their smart marketing, attractive and quality products and reputation for excellence has led to a high Average Order Value of $110, a 30% Repeat Customer Rate, very low sales seasonality, and a 2022 Sales Revenue peg that is 16% over 2021.

As a brand promoting apparel for the modern man, this company specialized in men’s trousers, specifically designed for men looking for a pair of pants that fit well and stand out. Made with high-quality stretch material, the company is enjoying rising sales in a vertical that has become a key segment of the men’s fashion industry.

Indeed, the global men’s trousers market size is projected to reach $201 billion by 2028, a 5% growth rate over the next few years, with online distribution channels enjoying an even higher growth rate of 6.4% as consumers continue to become more comfortable ordering clothing items online.

But this company isn’t simply riding a wave of increased popularity for men’s trousers and other clothing items. They made some smart decisions early on that facilitated their strong growth.

Launched 4 years ago in the Netherlands, this business now sells products across Europe and the U.S. Their apparel products are available through a professionally designed and managed Shopify website that includes 10 separate domains for international sales. They market a wide range of quality men’s jeans, trousers, track pants, shorts and tops, products that are designed in-house and manufactured with premium stretch material.

They also excel at making different styles available, crafted to give the buyer a perfect fit and with fabrics that provide a luxurious look and durability. Their trousers are suitable for casual wear and other occasions. The company holds the intellectual property rights on their logo, brand name and content so their styles and products can’t be mimicked by rivals, and all products have their custom packaging.

Their typical customer is a man between the ages of 18 and 45 that is looking for modern apparel that looks good and has a secure fit. Their customers have given their products plenty of 5 Star reviews and frequently come back to buy more, which is why their Repeat Customer Rate is increasing steadily. In fact, their Customer Lifetime Value is now at $200.

Sales remain strong year-round with very little in seasonal factors, and they are shipping up to 200+ orders daily. Because some of their products are designed for summer or winter, certain SKUs enjoy peak sales depending on the time of year, while their revenue soars around the holidays thanks to their Black Friday and Christmas discounts.

While the company has used PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google, they also enjoy strong organic traffic thanks to the high emphasis they place on content development.

They have built a massive social media following that has given them strong brand recognition, including 186,000+ followers on Instagram and 34,000+ on Facebook. They have demonstrated a particular talent for video content and video marketing on YouTube and TikTok, and also effectively use email marketing (with a subscriber database of 120,000+) and influencer campaigns on social media to expand their customer base, drive upsells higher, and attract more visitors to their 10 websites.

Their marketing is working as intended, since the company now receives 200,000+ unique monthly visitors.

With an efficient tech stack and a staff that includes a full-time general manager and numerous freelancers who handle daily tasks from customer service to marketing, this business is completely automated, and current ownership spends just one to two hours per week on it. The team is available to stay on to continue managing day-to-day operations for the buyer.

The company has strong and trusted relationships with their two primary suppliers. All products they sell are specially manufactured for their brand, and they use a 3PL fulfillment center in the Netherlands to handle shipments. They typically keep enough inventory on hand for 2-3 months’ worth of orders or about $200,000+ in inventory.

This company has made a definite fashionable statement in the men’s trousers vertical, and their success in creating products that become in high demand among their customer base, combined with expert use of social media to continue expanding their audience, is a model for other businesses looking to get into the apparel industry.

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