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Socially-Driven Women’s Intimate Products Private Label eCommerce Brand – 33k Instagram Followers – Growing Repeat Customer Base

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has stroked the emerging trends for intimate products for women, creating proprietary SKUs that appeal to women looking to explore their bodies, erotic needs, and curiosities. The company has also focused on sexual health and wellness products designed for couples, and today they attract sales from both women and men. While their Average Order Value initially was $57, their Lifetime Customer Value has risen to $200. Since that lifetime value is higher among women than men, the company is now building a new product launch aimed at increasing the lifetime value of their male shoppers as well.

The company operates under a growing global market. The global wellness market is now valued at a phenomenal $1.5 Trillion with annual growth of 5-10%, as consumer make personal health and wellness among their top priorities. Their sexual health is increasingly important to them as well, and in the online age, it’s no longer an issue that people only discuss quietly, behind closed doors, or with their physician. The sexual wellness market is rapidly emerging as a highly competitive one, and the global sexual wellness market is projected to reach $40.4 billion in value by 2027, as people become more comfortable seeking out products designed to address their sexual health, enhance safe sex, and address issues around sexual pleasure.

This has helped to propel market growth, and so has the legalization of gay marriage, which is also propelling sales of sexual wellness products that address the physical, mental, and sexual prosperity of consumers. The global sex toys market is also booming, valued at $33.64 billion in 2020 and projected to grow by an annual rate of 8.04% through 2028. This company will surely reap the benefits of this new openness about sexual wellness and embrace of products designed to promote it. They recognized these trends and have carefully selected items that appeal to this customer base.

The company is all about loving yourself. With 12 SKUs, intimacy is the theme behind each one, but from the start, the company’s messaging has been all about loving oneself, regardless of who they are or what their sexual orientation is. In some ways, their approach has also been informational and educational, to help people understand that personal wellness is a natural part of life, and can enhance our emotional health as well.

Founded in 2019, the company uses a team of sourcing agents to procure the highest quality products on the market today, and everything they sell is private labelled with their own packaging and sold under their brand name. Several products have become top sellers, and they sell at a stable pace throughout the year. Among their 12 SKUs, customers have some options since there are multiple color variants available. Their products are unique and innovative, and not readily available to most buyers outside of their eCommerce site. Among their buyers, the majority initially were women between the ages of 18 and 40, but more recently they have all discovered men shopping on their site, looking for gifts for their wife or partner.

Their brand messaging works. PPC advertising has become a major tool for the company, but they have additional tools that they use. Email marketing campaigns have proven to be successful as well. Through their social media accounts (with 32,000+ followers on Instagram), the company has expanded its audience, while their social media ads and use of affiliate marketing has also attracted new buyers. The company is gearing up to launch an influencer marketing campaign as well.

Their social media campaigns have increased their organic traffic. Their social media posting strategy has focused on humor to increase engagement and follower retention, education that promotes the brand’s voice, and product information. It’s working, since the company now receives up to 30,000+ monthly visitors to their website. These marketing tactics have given the company the ideal infrastructure to continue promoting their brand name and SKUs and to continue expanding their customer base and boosting revenue. Their branding messaging and products have become part of a growing social movement.

Operations are efficiently run. The company stocks all its inventory, so they have greater control over shipping times. This has helped give the company a strong reputation for first-rate customer service. They now ship 600 orders each month, which includes up to 20 orders during the week and up to 50 orders being shipped on weekends. This is a highly automated business, one that the current owner spends just 10-15 hours per week operating, with tasks that include running PPC ads, ensuring their warehouse has sufficient inventory, launching new products, posting on social media, and responding to customer inquiries. The owner utilizes the skills of third-party contractors.

The numbers don’t lie, and the market for sex toys and sexual wellness products is healthy and no longer a taboo. As more and more people embrace that new openness, the company is well positioned to scale quickly and increase profits at an impressive rate.
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Asking Price
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Cash Flow
$ 341,390
Gross Income
$ 537,646
Year Established

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