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Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for Digital Marketing Services | 10 Years Established | Social Engagement, Lead Generation & Management, Email Automation & SEO

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Website Closers® presents a 10-year SaaS Business for sale that specializes in a variety of versatile tools for B2B clients. They provide comprehensive solutions for a range of Digital Marketing needs, including Social Growth and Engagement, Lead Generation, Email Automation, and Marketing Optimization. These tools are seeing a steady rise in demand, putting the brand in an excellent position for scale.

They have distinguished themselves from their rivals with a rare combination of services, which face little competition in their industry. Although they primarily generate their sales from the US market, there is ample potential for them to capitalize upon untapped interest in Western Europe and South Africa.

2023 proved to be a record year for the brand, with their sales and earnings surpassing those of previous years. This upward trajectory provides an excellent springboard going into the future as the agency continues to establish themselves as a leading provider of niche marketing tools for businesses, governments, organizations, and other enterprises looking to improve their digital footprint.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Recurring Revenue: Their SaaS clients commit to an initial 6-month contract, and from there, transition to a month-to-month basis, with many clients choosing to stay on with the brand post the initial contract period. Their clients have proven so dedicated to the brand’s services that a recently introduced development contract that spans at least 2 years has already seen significant interest. Their average client is a small, B2B-focused business with 1 to 4 salespeople, and with a lifetime value that exceeds $10,000.
  1. Quality Service. The brand prides themselves on offering top-of-the-line service without any additional charges outside of their monthly cost. Clients enjoy personalized one-on-one consultations with a team of experts so their unique needs are understood and met, bi-monthly meetings with a dedicated marketing expert to maximize their results, and round-the-clock support in case of emergency. They also have access to an extensive library of social media templates, marketing emails, and other content resources for their marketing purposes.

    These services are available via a one-time fee for 6 months or a convenient monthly payment plan, providing clients with flexible payment options that cater to a diverse audience.

  1. Unique Features. The agency has differentiated themselves from their competitors through a range of useful value propositions. One of their best qualities has been their ability to provide cost-effective lead generation, consistently generating leads at a lower cost than industry standards. Their cutting-edge platform, which offers 6 transformative modules, also stands out for its straightforward structure that still manages to effectively prep clients for success without the need for extensive time or resources on complex marketing setups.

One of the useful facets of the platform has been their approach to social media engagement. They have recognized the importance and utility of social media for reaching prospects, and seamlessly integrated LinkedIn actions, email outreach, and social posting into their interface. This process is automated, raising the odds that potential leads are exposed to clients’ messages across multiple channels, and sharply boosting the chances of successful engagement.

They have also picked up on the common challenges that many clients face with LinkedIn communications, such as cluttered inMail boxes, and responded by introducing a streamlined and efficient messaging tool for improved user experience and outreach efforts.

Another useful feature the brand offers is their “Done for You” marketing solution. The dedicated team behind this service takes on the job of handling campaign optimization and management, giving business owners the freedom to divert their time and resources to other vital responsibilities.

The brand has worked diligently over the last decade to create and refine digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their client portfolio ranges from NASDAQ titans and mid-sized enterprises to plenty of small, rapidly growing brands across a variety of industries. Many of their clients have gone from budding startups to achieving sales milestones that exceed $100 million, highlighting just how effective the brand’s services are.


This SaaS brand has proven themselves in a market that is climbing with each passing day. Digital marketing solutions are vital for standing out in the modern business landscape, making agencies that meet and exceed common demands an invaluable resource for the average business owner. This acquisition enjoys a strong enough audience that most of their growth has come from referrals, with no additional marketing efforts outside of their own tool. With aggressive sales and marketing initiatives, they can quickly soar in their niche and attract more customers than ever.

Current ownership spends most of their time on department management and assisting agency clients, with the rest of the business’ operations being handled by their highly capable team.

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Asking Price
$ 1,650,000
Cash Flow
$ 417,283
Gross Income
$ 923,818
Year Established

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